Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 65

Tom has actually crawled over and also around vehicles before but never via one. In this episode of "Barn Locate Seeker," Tom uncovers a stockroom packed with rare Brass Age automobiles and preferable Mid-60s classics that are so packed because he has to crawl via a Toronado to get to a Corvette.

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59 Replies to “Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 65”

  1. guy has never forgotten anything in his life!!legend has it,he still has his baby shoes he took his first steps in at 2 months old!wtf

    1. You forgot to add he took 5 steps and promptly put the shoes back into the box. They’ve been sitting on a shelf ever since.

  2. not normally into the real early stuff but I could listen to Bob talk about those cars all day .. great episode guys

    1. I’d come over from Australia to spend a day with that guy, what stories, but don’t know if I could stand the thought of so much to do to revive so many vehicles.

    2. Bobs got a memory like a steel trap, dude has probably forgotten more than I’ve ever known, which is saying something since it seems he hasnt forgotten anything!

  3. My God….that is probably the most erotic 22 minute of u tube history in a decade πŸ˜„ ..thank u Tom thank u .

    1. He might have recognized the knowhow, too. A lot of the people that know cars aren’t the ones buying new. (Which can be kind of how malaise happens or cool stuff is rarer than it should be.)

    1. Well, why not, if you can. For a lot of us that would definitely be the dream, as long as we had the time to play with them too…

  4. I couldn’t imagine what kind of life one would have to live to buy a brand new Corvette, drive it a couple of times and park it up for 3 decades.

    1. Based on everything he explained about his parents paying for college and giving him 1k to buy a different car and his dad’s previous collections and his buying so many cars while under 18 I’m assuming his parents left him absolutely set for life money wise. I think he/they were well off.

    2. @FunWithAJ he also mentioned being an engineer, so presumably for the last few decades he’s had some disposable income to buy stuff like that

    3. @Jack Valleli The man is frugal concerning his lifestyle. His passion, his investment, are his cars. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

  5. This might be my favorite episode of Barn Find Hunter ever…Bob’s knowledge of everything he owns impresses the hell out of me

    1. Yes, definitely. What a wonderfully eclectic collection that Bob clearly loves, and knows each one intimately. I’d love to hear some of the stories that are clearly attached to each one…

  6. It’s amazing to me how, after 65 episodes, I can still say that this series just keeps getting better and better. I’ve noticed that Tom is having to do less and less of the heavy lifting, and his guests are getting chattier about their collections. I don’t know if that’s editing, or just the quality of the subjects that they are finding, but I like how he’s guiding the conversations rather than doing all of the talking now. It’s a really good combo πŸ™‚

    1. as much as this channel is about cars, I wholeheartedly agree that the back story behind them is as interesting and this episode with bob certainly showed that

  7. UPS must have a dedicated truck to this guys house.
    “I work for UPS”.
    Cool, where does your route take you?

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