Creating a farmer style truck bed in our 1950 Chevy pickup | Redline Update

It's bed time for the Redline Update 1950 Chevrolet 3600 pick-up– however that doesn't imply Davin gets to rest. Rather, it suggests even more time doing rust repair service to obtain this workhorse back right into healthiness.

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29 Replies to “Creating a farmer style truck bed in our 1950 Chevy pickup | Redline Update”

  1. Love these videos. My project in the garage today is to wire a new 5-way switch for a Fender Stratocaster. No, it’s not a car or truck. But at least I will be out in the garage.

  2. A lot of people don’t realize that this IS NOT going to be a concourse “every last nut and bolt is perfect and as it came from the factory” restoration, this is a “get it at least roadworthy and ready for work” restoration.

    1. This restoration is coming along nicely. Has he said what color it will be painted? Hopefully something with a candy or pearl.

  3. many thanks from Germany for your work and videos! over-the-top-perfect-restorations you can find everywhere. I especially like your final sentences at the end of all the videos.

  4. “I can fill the bed full of peanuts and they won’t fall out.” You now have a challenge for your final episode!

  5. Did Davin actually say ” I’m waiting for wood”?..
    “Call your doctor if the effects last longer than 4hours”…lol
    Great to see the progress, thx to Davin & Hagerty.

  6. Gonna love the “Just make it work” approach, although, I would throw some phosphoric acid on the rust holes and a little bit of spray paint, if anything just to prevent it from getting worse.

  7. I love the vision for this truck. Don’t paint it! Thank you for not ruining it with an LS motor, ‘78 Corvette tilt steering column, turbo 350 auto trans or any other awful resto-mods we’ve all seen.

    1. For pity’s sake yes! Im sick and tired of the ruination of a fine truck by some dingleberry with a corporate sponsor.

  8. You can tell by how many times he emphasizes that it is a practical repair, not a restoration that he is trying to avoid a bunch of guff from goofy commenters.

  9. I have never read the comments section on this build before but people must be giving Hagerty hell about it not being a nut and bolt rebuild

    I mean it took 50 plus years to look as good as it dose why ruin it just use it and ENJOY THE BLOODY THING

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