Creating a fastback Toyota MR2 | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 12

Chip Foose strolls us with his concepts to soften as well as boost the design of a Toyota MR2.

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23 Replies to “Creating a fastback Toyota MR2 | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 12”

  1. We loved the 80s Square Designs Lancia Delte, Audi Quatro, Nissan Skyline and wasn’t till the 90s the smooth lines came back.

  2. Great render of your vision of a Foose Design MR2, love it. Got a look of the Honda NSX or Mitsubishi 3000GT or GTO in Japan.

  3. Looks like a cross of the BMW M1 and a 6th Gen Camaro with a hint of Silvia. I like the lines and would love to see a car like this in real life.

  4. this redesign looks very heavy in the rear in my opinion
    if you’re looking for a curvier MR2 the version that came after the AW11 were much less boxy

  5. This looks a bit too cartoony to me, when you compare the front wheel size to the rear wheel…. it almost looks like there is a front matched to a different back? I hope I’m explaining this right, how I see it …. When the front wheel would match the back wheel in size and the “nose” just a tiny bit bigger… it would look better in my eyes.

    1. No it’s the hyundia coupe that they were working on but hhad rethink it due to ferrari saying one of their designs for the had been playgerised.

  6. Impressive as always! I am a young teen who has found a love for cars and especially their design. These are amazing to watch as I hope to find a career in car design. Thanks chip for the amazing inspiration! -Miles

  7. Hagerty, for the live of all that is holy, turn these into a coffee table book or a poster series. Please.

    And since i gave you the idea, ill take a meager 5%….. Thanks. And your welcome

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