Cutlass BARN FIND Starts After Sitting 17 YEARS!! Classic GBody Garage

This RARE 1978 Cutlass Calais factory 4 Rate as well as Power Astro-roof was located being in an old barn in Texas for 17 years. It is shipped to Classic Gbody Garage and we discover if we can bring it back to life! The birth of "Project Ratlass"

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35 Replies to “Cutlass BARN FIND Starts After Sitting 17 YEARS!! Classic GBody Garage”

  1. fyi, you can fill up that float bowl by puting gas in the vent tube, the little diagonal tube stickin up at the front

    1. YES! Have you ever seen one of these YT “first start after seven centuries” videos where the “mechanic” knows that basic carburetor fact, and the other one, “Close the choke!”?

    1. Austin Carlson Oldsmobile engines are 10 times better than Chevrolet. I got over 400 k on mine,you’re on drugs son!!!

    1. Classic G-Body Garage and if Chris doesn’t know he’ll call his buddy Scotty Kilmer I promise you he will have an answer for you.

    1. Classic G-Body Garage do you have any 2bb Quadrajet carburetor for a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham for sale or can you re build one for me

  2. Great cars. A good friend of mine had a 1979 with a 260 and we swapped out the engine for a 403, tons of fun. He put 442 on the side but we all knew it was fake but no one cared it was cool.

  3. In 1986, I bought a 46 Chrysler coup for one dollar. It had been sitting in the garage since the elderly owner died, about 20+ yrs. We did the same thing ant it started up. We drove it home. It had about 200 original miles on it, it was all there including the chrome, but one corner of the headliner had come loose. It was a great find.

  4. Smile on my face watching your video, guy across the street from us brought one just like that one new. I was 12

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