Davin works on our Buick Straight 8 at home | Redline Updates

Davin is still functioning from home, yet that doesn't mean he isn't making progress on the 1951 Buick straight-eight. With the help of his daughter, Grace, he reveals us the process of reconstructing the oil as well as gas pumps.

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22 Replies to “Davin works on our Buick Straight 8 at home | Redline Updates”

  1. Nice video, liked the fast action, and in fact, all the camera work by Grace👍. Please video the Chevy when you start it.

  2. Doing a great job, keeping the content coming out is whats helping most of us through the days.
    Thank you for what your doing.

  3. Wait for all the comments about how you should be wearing gloves around mineral oil 😂 …old school mechanics laugh in the face of latex 😄

    1. More waiting for the questions on when the second resleeving video will drop, now the internet’s called out how wrong it was done in the last video.

  4. Фигасе бензонасос какова его производительность и для какого двигателя он нужен

    1. That’s the secret of YouTube success. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you do, if you have a cat or a dog make sure they get regular appearances in your videos and the views will roll in 🙂

  5. I like comment: davin love work smarter not harder)
    thanks for the informative instruction to assemble retro vacuum fuel pump. You are the best,
    keep it up!

  6. Thanks for sharing Davin👍
    It is really interesting & informative to watch you doing these old school mechanical parts repair/refurbish, it’s getting rare on new vehicles😉
    Stay safe Bro❤

  7. DAVE,,, in the video,,, you missed the oil pump gasket. (2:30) Obvious the pump had it on there, otherwise it would lock up. You should have showed that fit. Its important.

  8. As always, informative and just plain fun to watch. I can’t wait to see this straight 8 in an old Buick motoring down the road.

  9. Whenever I finished overhauling a fuel pump, I would activate the pump lever to make certain that there was a sucking sound. I started doing that after I goofed a rebuild, installed the pump and the engine would not run – no gas.

  10. Davin, run it! Let’s see that SBC turn fuel into NOISE! Thanks for continuing to work during the quarantine, and to Grace for stepping up and participating. Any semblance of normalcy is welcome, even if it isn’t exactly normal. There’s a ‘69 California GS sitting in my garage, waiting for exhaust to be put on!

  11. Thanks Davin and Grace great job! Hi kitty 😺 and YES! would love to see your engine fire up! God bless Be Safe!

  12. Spectacular montage music! I was transported to a late 80s “gaining skills” training montage 🍻🍻🍻

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