De Tomaso Mangusta, Lamborghini Espada, need we say more? | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 48

One more day, one more fantastic barn locate for Tom Cotter. In this episode of Barn Discover Seeker, Tom satisfies Robert, the owner of an Art Deco-style Buick car dealership constructed in 1946. Inside the weathered building exists a treasure of one-of-a-kind standards, including however not limited to a Jaguar XKE, Lamborghini Espada, De Tomaso Mangusta, and also extra Crosleys than you've ever seen in one area.

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63 Replies to “De Tomaso Mangusta, Lamborghini Espada, need we say more? | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 48”

    1. He has the knowledge but he has the capabilities to ruin beautiful rare cars. I hate guys like him that let cars like these sit and rot. He loves the idea of owning them but he doesn’t love them enough to keep them in good order.

    2. @Theorbit10 Exactly the way I see it.
      He’ll die as his collection returns to earth as Iron Ore from whence it came. What a selfish prick! But. don’t you worry, nobody will beat him out of his pre-molested rust bucket..

    1. TheBadBone23 I am so glad people are not making fun of this man because he is older and a little bit off the grid. He is cool as hell.

  1. Absolutely the best automotive series on YouTube or anywhere else. It is so refreshing to listen and learn to such a knowledgeable host who obvious loves automobiles.

    1. falconater68 only due to knowing too much about cars I feel. He has to much knowledge about cars in his head I feel he mixes things up from time to time

    2. Lou’s a good guy. It’s just that his knowledge of cars isn’t nearly as vast as his love of cars & the stories behind them.

    1. Seriously ! They wander into SO many dark and scary places , there MUST be some kinda portable light the crew can bring with–we shouldn’t have to see a car filmed lit by a cell phone.c’mon Hagerty get it together !

    1. An astute observation.  The gentleman is a good friend of mine and you are correct, he was a reporter and newscaster on local radio and TV for several years.

  2. Back in ’76 when I was in High School, I used to get my hair cut by a guy named Terry that owned his own barber shop in Torrance, CA. Terry drove a Mangusta to his shop every once in while…oh the memories…

  3. Great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hagerty has listened to the fans and started making the videos longer. I promise as #1 fan We Appreciate it very much. Thank you Hagerty and Tom.

    1. i think its hard to rebuild, the point is you need the part for car and you cant get it. whan it pops and they buy, all stuff around car you see is parts or even extra parts. If you could see he has a lot of cars fully restored, i bet he doesnt do it himself right now, he just pays for somebody to repaint to do work for him. But sad reality no parts for certain cars simply where isnt any. cars died out like dinosaurs. A lot of cars are in barns rusting away or in woods. @Fraser Wright

    1. krisgagne, I won’t say here where it is. But I will say, all the clues are in the video. There are visual and verbal clues.

  4. I think it’s time Tom Cotter does a special and shows us his cars and why he bought them. Maybe a little background of himself. This channel is great!
    Come on Tom, it’s what the people want to see…

    1. I was just going to type that…after 4 seasons u would think he would do that for his followers….he is selfish

    2. Yes!! Let’s see what Tom has and what his stories are! Love this series and hope it continues?? Everybody loves to see what’s behind the doors!!

  5. A remarkable collection owned by a remarkable gentleman housed in a remarkably wonderful Art-Deco dealership building…

  6. Prime example of never judge a book by its cover: most people wouldn’t even think he’d have a car at all – let alone millions worth of the most sought after classics ..

    1. so sad what you are jealous of what he has. I bet your so poor you cant even have a normal car and you look at people by the cover. in the end you are earth trash. @Gerry Nightingale

  7. – “You have time today ?”
    -“Sir, you brought this crew with you, I’ve got till the end of the week !”

    What a legend ! Amazing man, amazing collection.

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