Diavel 1260 Lamborghini, Mustang Mach-E GT, $100K Clownshoe – Daily Driver

Ducati and Lamborghini co-develop an adversary, the Mustang Mach-E obtains a high-performance version, and also Cadillac supplies acquistions to its non-EV-ready suppliers. And also, You Paid What?


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29 Replies to “Diavel 1260 Lamborghini, Mustang Mach-E GT, $100K Clownshoe – Daily Driver”

  1. Mustang Mach-E has to be the laziest name play since the Lumina APV or the Eclipse Cross. Of all the times to resurrect the Ford Probe name, this should be it.

    1. I have seen one locally a few months ago with manufacturers plates on it. Here in South Florida there seems to be a lot of test vehicles.

    1. @Logue Richard simple minded… Ouch! That’s kinda mean for stating a simple opinion. I remember the whole Ford Probe debacle in it’s day.. over the Mustang name and reputation!! It would have been just as easy to name it something else instead of piggy backing on the Stang! I wouldn’t of minded (simple as it is) an evolution on the Mustang brand, like the Vette from C7 to C8 mid engine… But going crossover?

    2. @Logue Richard
      I have a simple test for any E vehicle. If it passes the test, I’ll buy it RIGHT NOW!

      I wish to drive from Denver to St. Louis at posted speed limits with one stop for lunch. I wish to drive in the daytime over the July 4th holiday when it is hotter than hello in Kansas. I wish to make this drive in about 10 to 12 hours. Interstate travel is OK but not favored. I have driven this with a Prius so I know it can be done.
      What I don’t want is a 3 or 4 day trip where I have to stop for 8 hours each time I need to recharge the battery. Also, I don’t wish to fly and use a rental car.
      Ford, GM, Dodge, any manufacturer out there, I want an E car, I do not want excessive airline, rental car, and motel bills.
      Any takers? Until an E car can do what I want, I’ll keep my Buick.

    3. @Michael Morris 2 Hey, it worked perfectly on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross **throws up in mouth a little***

    4. @George Boyer well time for you to buy an EV… my mom can fully charge her Tesla at a supercharger in 27 minutes. Our beach house is 5 hours away and we stop to charge and let the dogs out. Hardly an inconvenience. No maintenance and she takes in TL the mountain to ski.
      Check this out, she can preset the car to any temperature before she even enters the car. And it’s faster than my 400 hp sports car.

    5. @Logue Richard Love EVs but it isn’t a mustang, not a 2 door pony car but rather a cross over. Chevys attempt at an EV vette looks way more promising

  2. Mach-E has yet to prove it is a true Mustang. Only once it has proven it can eat spectators at Cars-N-Coffee will it be a true Mustang.

    1. Ermm… Maybe because they didn’t build this type of vehicle, back then?

      The car was built in 1988, that’s correct. It was transferred from Austria to the US in 2017.
      Why there is this plate on it, no clue. It defintely doesn’t belong there.

  3. Ducati: guys, we need a way to charge 65% more for this Diavel over the standard one… ideas?
    Guys: uhmmm we could change the color….?
    Ducati: BRILLANTE!!

  4. Boy oh boy, Finnegan is going to be in real trouble when his wife finds out how much he paid for that ramptruck.

  5. Thanks Tiffany. I liked the Beemer clownshoe, if they made it in Extra Wide width maybe, but no floor mats? That’s a negative Ghostrider….

  6. I enjoy these segments, but the Mach-E does NOT have 19 inch Brembos in the front and 20s in the rear. 😄👍

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