DIY Mini Bike Seat | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 21

Kyle and a pal effort to style a custom seat for a small bike.

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20 Replies to “DIY Mini Bike Seat | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 21”

  1. Many years ago – I am now in my 60s- bought a kit similar to this. Bought a McCullough go kart engine from a friend. Thing was uncontrollable fast- misjudged the speed and ran it through a fence- fortunately wooden and brittle. Ended up with a concussion and two front teeth missing. Did that slow me down- nah. Repaired/reinforced the forks and back on the street where I got a speeding and unlicensed vehicle. License got suspended for 90 days. Two years later what does a crazy person do? Join the Marines With Viet Nam still going on. Alive and well and still crazy. Next project. Post COVID – explore abandoned mines.

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how many people have mini bike stories. I love that they have just enough of a danger element – the B.B. gun of the moto world! Also, thank you for your service!

  2. An electric knife is readily available at thrift stores. I bought one and just used it to cut a memory foam mattress into thirds for a folding mattress for our trailer. Then I used it to cut the scraps into pillow stuffing. Its a very useful tool outside the kitchen.

  3. Hot wire works great. I made one with a hacksaw frame and handle, some stainless wire and a 12v trickle charger. I used some rubber hose as insulators. Not perfect, but I had it on hand.

  4. If you are too cheap to buy foam use discarded carpet padding and spray glue it each layer. always spray glue the foam or itll shift around. Use thicker vinyl and it wont wrinkle so much. Also a layer of sheet cotton helps to smooth it out. I usually use an old mattress pad. And make some piping for the seams looks much more professional but can be hard to sew through 4 layers if youre machine isnt very good. And using upholstery thread holds up better

  5. The video started and in my mind I was saying “Sweet! Mini bike! Im headed to the motorcycle shop to score some parts” halfway through the video and I end up at JoAnne fabrics wondering how I got here…

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