Dodge Charger for sale & and a field of project cars! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 38

They told him that he couldn't find anymore vehicles in Midland, Texas. This week, Tom Cotter hits the oil country highways to verify them wrong. Pulled in by the rustic bones of an old Torino, Tom checks out the pickings of a fellow automobile guy, amongst which is a 1972 Dodge Battery charger housing a 318-cubic-inch engine that, after some gentle prodding, gradually coughings to life. Cold calls come next, and quickly Tom goes to a woman who happily imparts the background behind each hollowed-out covering in her lawn, from an engine-less 1957 Thunderbird drag cars and truck to a VW Beetle with a Ford V-8. Exploring with her garden of drag steel as well as timeless iron, Tom turns up a McLaren Mustang convertible, the body of a 1963 Econoline Van, and also a half-restored 1977 Chevy Sports jacket, each with a story-and a rate.

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48 Replies to “Dodge Charger for sale & and a field of project cars! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 38”

    1. @Randy Package thats bullshit 20k will get you a fucking mint hq xb,,my lil brother just sold his XY GT for 100k it was flawless

  1. Everyone Tom finds always seems so nice…I’m afraid if I pulled into someone’s driveway and started walking around, I’d get shot

    1. It is so much easier when pulling up in a classic car like the Woody. Instantly shows why the guy is pulling into the driveway. I always asked the old timers. Found tons of old iron that I would have never found otherwise. The rot free cars kill me since I live in the rust belt. ALL of those cars are steals!

    2. My brother and I love to go do this kinda stuff obviously ya wanna make sure to get permission first we had a buddy tag along one time and we came across and this still pains me but guy had a numbers matching 70 ss chevelle super solid for being under a tree for how many ever years and the interior though filthy was in awesome shape would’ve cleaned up great but it was a cranberry red 396 aka 402 4 speed car ran when he parked it at the time I was about 17 grizzly old fella came to the door and said that he needed 4K for it which was a awesome deal back then but I didn’t quite have that much anyway the tag along that we had got bit by this guy’s dog lol so that wasn’t good for him…..came back 6 weeks later after I had saved up the money….sold it the week before so naturally I was bummed ok very bummed fricking thing was SOLID on top of being #’s matching had cravat ss’s on it with the original wheels in the trunk that still bums me out too this day…..drove by the place again prolly a year or so ago and he still has the 67 cougar that was sitting next to it she was a little rougher but still a decent value imo……then there was a 70 gto that had essentially the same outcome crying in my beer again got there with the cashiers check from the bank after work guy said he’d hold it for me got there and somebody else was chaining it up to a trailer that one ticked me off for a few reasons but what do ya do

    1. @Russell Loyd he doesn’t say much since I bought out a settlement and turned it over to operators before completing Open Season…..

    2. I have a neighbour that has a 72 440 Charger. That thing is badass. PS, i live in Germany, classic american cars are verry rare

    1. Hey Lawrence, I have an idea. Buy that Charger. The end of a 1/4 mile and the episode will give you the same feeling a 318 in it. Sadly. 🙂 Ouch.

  2. The Mc Laren Mustang was only labelled as Mc Laren. The transformation was done by American Sunroof Corporation (A.S.C.) nobody could do better convertible roofs in that time.

  3. Now this channel should offer this lady her own YouTube show, on this channel. Drop the mic, because she is YouTube video gold!

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