Dodge Power Wagons, factory 428ci Cobra Jet and a Mercury Cougar XR7 | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 67

Losing out becomes part of the video game of hunting barn discovers. Tom Cotter verifies it when he gets to a long-stored GT350 yet can not see it. What does he do? Keeps searching, as well as locates a fleet of Dodge Power Wagons, a Factory 428 Cobra Jet, and also a Cougar XR7. It just mosts likely to reveal it takes some perseverance to find the excellent vehicles– also if they aren't so pretty.

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40 Replies to “Dodge Power Wagons, factory 428ci Cobra Jet and a Mercury Cougar XR7 | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 67”

  1. Growing up my grandfather had a late 1940’s Fargo Power Wagon – They weren’t sold as Dodge in Canada, they were badged as Fargo.

    1. @Anonymous98 Once you get over 30 or in my case 50.. you have days where you look and feel your age and days when you feel and look twice your age!

    2. Makes sense! Washington state is basically the same climate that Northern Europeans involved in. Little or No son lots of moisture

  2. Tom,
    As always a great episode. I just want to be a ride along with you. I’ll wash your car for you . Just for the enjoyment of being on one of your finds.
    Thanks again…

    1. @Luka doncic is better than lebron do you think you’ll graduate out of the 8th grade this year or be held back again??

  3. I always loved the early Mercury Cougar. A friend of mine had a ratty one back in the ’90s. It looked terrible but it was an absolute sweetheart to drive, despite having the steering wheel on the wrong side for the UK…

    1. An old guy in my hometown had a dozen late 60’s muscle cars in a field. In the late 80’s I tried to buy one he said he was going to restore them. They are still there rusted away.

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