Dodge sold two new Vipers, Ford Bronco Overlander, Aston Martin Speedster – Daily Driver

Dodge offered two brand-new Vipers this year, in spite of production stopping in 2017. Ford displays an overlanding idea. Aston Martin starts checking it's roofless supercar, the Speedster. And also, Ford tosses an auto program to say goodbye.


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14 Replies to “Dodge sold two new Vipers, Ford Bronco Overlander, Aston Martin Speedster – Daily Driver”

  1. Getting famous off of comments day 136, no dream is to big so make sure you accomplish all the dreams you can, in the short life

  2. What is the attraction/advantage of tents on top of vehicles? I’m not knocking it, just don’t understand it. Are you more protected from snakes or bears or something? Or is just a novelty?

    1. It’s to sell bumper stickers. “If the tent is rocking, don’t come knocking.”
      It’s to give you better protection from animals and weather. You won’t have a river going through the tent if it’s up top. It’s part of the go where no one goes overlanding concept. I’ve seen one on a Porsche 911 though.

    2. Also usually all you have to do to set it up is flop the top over, compared to setting up a tent from a bag on the ground

    3. This has been a thing in northern Australia for years. Camping next to croc infested rivers is the perfect example of necessity being the mother of invention.

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