Dodge Viper | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker discovers the vehicles that could be the future classics. In this episode Magnus meets famous tuner Bisimoto to figure out why the Dodge Viper had not been a lot more prominent and why it might come to be the next large point.

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28 Replies to “Dodge Viper | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker”

  1. Always loved these cars, especially the fifth gen… Definitely under appreciated, but let’s keep it that way so I can afford one someday!! 😂🤫

  2. I had a new 2000 GTS, to date is still my overall favorite car. I sold it after ownership for 6 yrs when I was popping the clutch to do a 180 degree turn around instead of a 3 point turn.

    1. 😂 that’s what makes magnus walker so cool and original! He’s a legend in the car world.

    2. @Christian Alvarez didnt know being a dirty tree hugging aged out rockstar wanna be was “cool” must be the accent that fools people into thinking he must know something we dont..if not him then Farra since he is also “cool” and knows everything about everything…start a fan club bro🤤 they might hit you up.

    3. @Christian Alvarez I’ve been a huge car enthusiast for over thirty years a have worked in the industry on three continents for over a decade and I have never f***ing heard of this bum. So no, he is not a legend in the car world. Not by any means.

  3. its amazing how capable the ACR versions of these are, they’re barely any slower than a Senna around LSB for such an “archaic” design

  4. Viper has a reputation of making a great driver look silly, when their going tail end into the weeds .

  5. Ya I don’t know what he’s talking about. I love Gen4 Viper roadsters. Once you learn how to drive them they are way cool azz fun. It’s like cruisin’ in the mountains in a NASCAR with the everyday driving shown here. You got to drive it at the edge where it wants to kill you. Gen4 anyway. Schweeet!!

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