Ford 289 HiPo V-8 engine swap project | Brad the Sunbeam Tiger King

After we finished our Ford 289 Redline Rebuild project (), much of you asked what we were going to perform with it. Well, right here's your answer! It's entering into a 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. You may identify Brad Phillips from a couple of other crazy Hagerty videos in the past. From our "Task Auburn" fiasco () to our Hershey Swap-to-Street automobile develops (), Brad has never ever backed down from a challenge when it involves autos. And considering that Brad is stuck at residence like a lot of us throughout the globe, what much better use his time than to swap out the original engine in his oft-driven Tiger with a fresh rebuilt, high-horsepower Ford 289.

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38 Replies to “Ford 289 HiPo V-8 engine swap project | Brad the Sunbeam Tiger King”

  1. Why would anyone say you ruined the car, when I had a Tiger i bet 90% of them the engine was modified, mine came with a 68 302 10 to 1 compression heads and a C4.

    1. @BradP69 I would think you were right about it being a sweet piece but even with the 289 in such a light car these things flew… imagine in the day pulling up to a Chevell or Vette and dusting their doors off… lol.

    2. @D Giorgi the one funny thing about these things is that with the stock 2.88 rear end, they have a looooong way to go in between gears. This motor will rev to over 6,000 vs. the stock 4800. That’s more top end then I care to see out of this stock suspension and 13″ tires, for sure!

    3. @BradP69 Oh man you made me laugh, I know what you mean too, talk about scary. Be nice with a set of 3:55 or even a 3:70 with a five speed overdrive manual trans for those long hauls. I know Davin built this motor should she should really kick… I can’t wait for the road test drive. I hope you are going to give us a treat with that. Let’s get her done soon, I can’t wait. Thanks for the vid too, this channel ROCKS!!!

    1. @Alf’s Mustang Garage we got the car in 76 and I sold it to my brother in 2000. He restored it back to like new condition. He was supposed to keep the car in the family but a health condition forced him to sell the GT plus his 70 Boss 302.

    2. @Alf’s Mustang Garage yeah it’s a heartbreaker for sure. And did look good but it was never in bad shape really being a West coast car and spent much of it’s life in AZ.

    3. Peace Frog u in Australia the first Falcon Gt in 1967 ran the 289 4v, 4 speed, we pretty much ran the drivetrain out of the 66 mustang along with the hooked shifter, steering wheel badges etc. There were only just over 500 made all gold. I’ve had one since the early 90s. thankfully Australia followed the US in cars and not England. I hope you are well over there.

  2. Wow, what a cool project, looking forward to hearing the rumble. I think the thumbs down are from people that don’t even know what a tiger is…. 😉

    1. Dad had a ‘69 LTD’ It had a 429 interceptor and a brother with the hipo in a mustang. I’d pick the 429 any day that monster was badass!

  3. I always love these Tigers and of course you just have to use that engine in something right? lol… This CHANNEL ROCKS!!!

  4. Hey im the kid that changed your tires and balanced them at firestone in salisbury a few months ago. Its a real nice car it deserves the love.

  5. I think a swap like this is totally fine. You don’t have to modify the car so as long as you keep the original engine it can always be put back the way it came from the factory.

  6. Who cares what anybody think !!! It’s your car !!!!! I sure hope your doing a series on this build !! I mean you better be doing a series on this build !!!!!

  7. Had one in a 65 Fairlane, awesome, torque for a small block, mine would rev to 10k, wasn’t stock. Great motor.

  8. Really exciting project! Looking forward to seeing it come together. I drove a factory new Tiger back in the day and loved it.

  9. I’m 30sec in and paused it just to say how f’ing excited I am to watch the rest of it. Love the idea of the Sunbeam, add a fresh 289 yippee!

  10. I’m sure if Carroll was alive he would approve! it was one of his favorite engines! he didn’t care for the 302

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