Ford Megazilla crate engine, self-driving tractor, $433k Skyline – Daily Driver

Ford is calling its brand-new dog crate engine Megazilla, the globe's very first complete self-driving EV is a tractor, and also why a consumer Right to Repair work law will not be implemented. Plus, why is Nissan billing $433,000 to repair old R32 Skyline GT-Rs?


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24 Replies to “Ford Megazilla crate engine, self-driving tractor, $433k Skyline – Daily Driver”

  1. “Megazilla”.
    What a stupid name. Where is this going.
    “Super mega awesome zilla”?
    I’ll take 2 of those

  2. Great job Dana. Don’t change a thing. You are perfect as you are. Tiffany keeps me smiling with her, but you are a gem too. But more about the 790 hp of naturally aspirated FORD please. 🙂

  3. If a buyer does not have the right to work on their own vehicle, then it’s not their vehicle, is it!!

  4. Hagerty needs a new OBD II scanner, from the looks of this video. They should update to an Autel or at least a Carly with Bluetooth…

  5. Kudos to the industry for the ‘Monarch’.. as you state, farmers have it tough enough already. That ol’ expression “can’t keep him down on the farm” may change some millennials minds!😀

  6. If I had a car that reported my location, vector and velocity to its maker, I would destroy that module. Too much invasion of privacy

    1. That phone you’re packing is constantly jumping up and down yelling “YOO-HOO, HERE I AM OVER HERE!”.

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