Ford Model A home garage project | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 1

A great deal of you have either watched Kyle Smith servicing his Chevy Corvair in a few of our DIY videos, or you have actually read a post or 2 he's created on. Kyle just recently acquired a new home, and also with that residence came a bigger garage than he had previously. Like much of us, he's been stuck working from residence for the previous few months, so we chose to give him an electronic camera and also placed him to function! Invite to "Kyle's Garage." Follow along as Kyle wrenches on his Ford Model A that was passed down to him from his papa, as well as his Chevy Corvair, some classic motorbikes, and also whatever else may show up at his garage in the coming months.

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29 Replies to “Ford Model A home garage project | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 1”

  1. Thanks so much Kyle . Love your taste in cars . I never owned a Corvair but 2 brothers (when I was in high school ) had a 66 spyder and just love the sleek lines

  2. What a sweet looking Corvair! I too always liked my workbench and tools organized but I found that my wife and kids didn’t seem to care about it much. So whenever they used things from the garage I’d usually find it just piled up on the workbench for Dad to put away…..

  3. You’re going to need the king pin bushing reamer to properly seat those king pins. An excellent source for Model A parts is Bratton’s antique auto parts, by the way.

  4. …..Even totally fixed 40MPH Feels like your doing 180+ …Scary as heck!😲😳😨😱😱😂👍👍👍
    BTW, Does your Dad sell jackets like yours? …I’d Rock One!😁👍😉
    Edit, …..Please show us the Corvair also one day.

  5. Love your Model A and it’s even better that it was your dad’s. Best to you and yours, look forward to new videos on this car!

    1. You username certainly checks out with that comment! You’re right though, I prioritize safety over anything else. Especially since I often find myself working alone more these days.

  6. Thas a Corsa ‘Vair! 164CI flat 6 with 4 carbs, 140hp and a 4 speed. I use to have one. Sure miss it now:(

  7. 1930-31…..nice your dad put upgrade seal beams in the model A. .noticed it hasn’t got the heater option on the exhaust manifold …….nice car good for you keep it all stock…King pins and bushing

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