Ford Ranger Tremor, Hummer crab walks, dashboard nightmares – Daily Driver

Is the Ford Ranger Tremor worth it? The 2022 GMC Hummer shows off its "crab walk" mode. We play "YOU PAID WHAT?" Plus, Do It Yourself dashboard headaches. Host: Tiffany Rock



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28 Replies to “Ford Ranger Tremor, Hummer crab walks, dashboard nightmares – Daily Driver”

  1. “it only gets you one more inch of clearance.” spoken like somebody that only drives very slowly off-road (a jeep owner).

  2. Another great report, Tiffany. That Impala is worth so much, ONLY because of the 454 and the rag top! The “You paid what” segment is a total crack up. Keep doing it. Looking forward to your next report.

  3. I don’t care how much power and how efficient a 4-cylinder engine is give me a plain Jane carbureted V8 any day of the week. At least I know the damn thing will last more than two decades instead of barely 5 years before an electronic component fries creating a boat anchor

  4. First off, I am Team Tiffany. You keep me smiling in these trying times. But yeah the Hummer is more useful. On a trail, being able to sidestep a rock or tree would be handy, I guess if you came to a deaden in the Rivian you could spin a 180, but doubtful. Anyways my 1994 S10 Blazer 2 door has a burnt circuit in the first gen ecu and the a/c does not work, I need to by pass it with a fuse, a switch and 12 v power, I will not pull the dash again. But since Winter is coming, we already had a foot of snow in Casper, Wy last week, from 95 to snow in 12 hrs. It is 87 today, but windows open was fine for my drive. What I really need to fix is the fold down seat has some glass in the latch from a window that got shot out by vandals a decade ago. Latch worked last year, but not today… So I am fixing that tomorrow.

  5. Ford Ranger Tremor……….so another Ford Truck with a super badass name that can easily be outclassed by trucks costing half as much.

  6. At least the dashboard wiring guy isn’t having to deal with a Lincoln Mark 8….. LOL… of the 1985 Ford Thunderbird ELAN coupe wiring….. DON’T ASK HOW I KNOW THIS……

  7. That Impala is perfect and gorgeous. $65K is a pile of dough but how many unique, exciting, convertible, and powerful cars are out there for that price? The new Ranger is wayyy too big IMO. It damn near shares a shadow with the F150. What happened to the days of small pickups with beds you could bend over and reach the middle?

    1. The days of any pickup that you could reach over the side of the box…..disappeared when the average pickup owner stopped using their truck as a work vehicle, 8 foot bed, and started using it as an SUV with an open air trunk.

  8. Best dash board nightmare! Had a 2008 LL bean Subaru Brand new from the Showroom didn’t know when the gas cap was loose it put the car in a limp mode for the a evap system It was new that year dealership didn’t know either so they pulled the entire dash out completely to the firewall replaced whatever they claim they replaced and 6 months later it began to flicker constantly for the life of the vehicle till I sold it several years later. I only figured it out because my son’s Impreza had the same problem and his mechanic said put on the gas cap on drive for a day till it fixes itself, it did!

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