Forza Horizon 3 How to Unlock RX7/E36 + ALL Barn Find Cars! | SLAPTrain

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Forza Horizon 3 How to Unlock RX7/E36 + ALL Barn Find Automobiles!|SLAPTrain.

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43 Replies to “Forza Horizon 3 How to Unlock RX7/E36 + ALL Barn Find Cars! | SLAPTrain”

    1. Sensei I did that a few days ago lol it’s worth plus if you get ea access for 30 a year you can every ea game for free

  1. 4:57 I’ve seen that one on horizon 3 already. someone showed it on YouTube. aren’t they not supposed to do that cuz it’s a barn find? I saw it like 2 days ago

  2. if i understand it correctly,
    1. look for a street race icon
    2. win that street race
    3. challenge 4 drivatars
    4. win the midnight battle
    repeat until you get the car

  3. I bought the RX7 for 3 mil and painted it back to stock before I found out how to get it free.
    I don’t regret anything.

  4. Made my day lol 😂 didn’t even know the rx7 was unlockable.. saw the computer drivatars cruising around the map in one and could not figure out why it wasn’t in the autoshow lol 😪😂

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