Forza Horizon All Barn Find Locations with Cutscenes

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  1. What I did the first day I got it I was driving all the roads and by that time I got all barn finds announced. You got to be driving around free roam a lot to make them pop up.

  2. It’s random on the radio. I drove around discovering all the roads first day, and all popped up without my rank going up that high..

  3. When it is first called on the radio. I can’t remember if it automatically pops up the map or you have to go to your map. Anyways you will see a gray circle around where the barn should be.

  4. If its the last one it is my CamarovsCamaro paintjob I’ve made. Just redone that one if you search the gamertag “DJ Lime”

  5. Yea nice try. I see you also posted on another person video with almost the exact sentence. Just record your own footage, and see where it takes you.

  6. It’s pretty easy to get money. When I recorded this the day after Horizon came out I wasn’t doing really anything and money popped up. After a month when the game came out I already own all the cars + DLC cars.

  7. At the time when the game was release. I got it at midnight release. When I got it home I played it for about 12-13 hours. They all happen to show up very fast so I thought why not do a video on it. =)

  8. Your car is smashed a lot, if you go in the options there is this thing were you can take off the damage to your car so no damage is done to it! No matter what it will not get destroyed!

    1. You can always check my old videos of me speed running some of these tracks for Horizon. I think I still got a handful of tracks in the leaderboards for top 20 somewhere. =)

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