Front-end assembly for the Ford Model A | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 5

With numerous jobs taking place in his garage, Kyle finally returns to the front-end assembly of his Ford Design A. With fresh front pins, NOS kingpins and a great deal of grease in hand, Kyle's goal by the end of the day is to obtain the front wheels back on the ground and also be one step more detailed to getting his vintage flight back when driving.

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29 Replies to “Front-end assembly for the Ford Model A | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 5”

  1. Maybe I missed it, but isn’t there a cross bolt and nut on each side that prevents the king pins from turning?

    1. @Hagerty Yep, I see it, well done! Looking forward to seeing you go for a drive. Do you have a notched board for positioning the brake pedal when adjusting the brakes>

  2. You almost forgot to put the king pin lock bolt in the axle on the first side. Should have been the first thing in after you put the spindle on. Don’t worry it’s a rookie mistake. I made the same one when I first started. Still remember after 45 years in the business!

    1. You are right typically a thrust bearing would go at the bottom between the spindle and axle. However there is not enough room for the bearing in the normal position. In this case up top is correct as the weight is transferred from the spindle, to the thrust bearing, then to the shoulder on the kingpin, then to the kingpin tapered pin (which he almost forgot on the right side) and finally to the axle.

  3. When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to fully restore a model A, with my employer. Great videos Hagerty, thanks.

  4. You can heat grease up in a fry pan on minimal/low heat to allow the grease to flow into the thrust bearings. That’s how you repack the bearings the same with motorcycle chains using low heat with o-ring seals

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