Front subframe removal goes mostly according to plan | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project

In order to get rid of the engine from his 1966 Sunbeam Tiger, Brad requires to drop the front subframe setting up. What would typically be a two-man task, Brad determines just how to position some wooden blocks while using his flooring jack to reduce the subframe, yet … points do not constantly go according to plan!

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35 Replies to “Front subframe removal goes mostly according to plan | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project”

  1. IIRC I left my wheels and tires on and just rolled it out, IIRC being key cause it was about 40 years ago. I don’t know about other viewers I’d rather not hear the background music.

    1. I’ve done it that way, but I had a hard time getting the car high enough to clear the wheels! Thought I’d try it this way, as you can tell not the most clean result!

    2. @Eric Corse I’m just trying to cover up all my groaning. I’ll work on the music stuff as more of a background deal.

  2. Semi-interesting facts. That hole in center under the grill is for emergency starter crank from the 4 cyl Alpine version. The square on each end are for the jack. The jack has a square wiener thing you insert. They are also on side and rear. Great system

  3. Kill the background music it has nothing to the content. Are you sure he has done this once before.

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with you on either point. I think I could have done the music a little more “in the background” but I’m learning how to do this video stuff on the fly. As for the mechanical ability….yeah, I’m not great. But I’m working on it!

  4. As long as you don’t swap in a chevy. Everyone seems to be using Chevies for swaps. Where’s the imagination?

  5. That’s the same way I would do it only with two or three crushed fingers! Great video! I drove a tiger when I was much younger and it was an experience.

  6. Electrical tape the socket to the extension to keep from losing sockets. Also tape the bolt and washer onto the socket with one strip when putting it back in.

    1. He hooked it under the front of the car and attached it to the engine hoist to jack the front of the car up.

    1. Bucking Bronco , its a 5 liter block. just like a 347! i have been struggling about what engine i want to put in my 61 unibody and the 363, sorry i hit the wrong key. is or was one of my choices. the problem with the 363 is the cost. my other choices are a bit less expensive.

    2. @Steve Herring oh, when I talk about a stroker I just say 347 Small block Ford. Or somn. If I fan give you some advice the 5.0 Ford blocks had an issue around 400 horsepower they would crack in half starting in the lifter valley, but if you use a 351 Windsor you can stroke it out to 408 Cubic inches and they didn’t have the same cracking issue, and you can buy the already stroked 408 on summit racing. They are dimensionally no bigger the the 302.

    3. hi, no i got no info from anyone. i just know from going through the motorcraft catalogue that ford has a 363 engine. if you go to google and type in 363 you can see some of them. there about ten gs. they sound like a real engine not like the engines now. oh ya i have a 5 liter in my 67 mustang that i have 351 valves in. it breaths real well. she not lacking in the giddyup and go either. ive had some problems to work out but shes coming together.

    4. thanks bronco, i still love you car. i had a guy in high school that had one. he painted his one weekend. i road in the back from front royal, va to dc . his mother was a race car driver. she had a austin healy 3000 with a chevy 327. it was pretty quick too. even though i was in the back of that sunbeam i just had a blast. very tight quarters, as you might already know. that wasnt the first time i road in the back either. had/have another friend snd i road in the back of his sunbeam. from dc to ocean city, md. he crashed his later on. ive been forwarding him you build. i saw him lately and he said he really misses his alpine. thanks for sharing your life with us.

  7. Perfect for that create Ford 2.7 twin turbo truck engine. Might have to put 50 mickies all the way around so it doesnt flip.
    Fyi you need some roll arounds

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