Glickenhaus 008 Baja Kit Car, Honda kills more cars, 400-mile GM EV Pickup – Daily Driver

On today's program, Jim Glickenhaus as well as SCG show off their 008 Baja/Dakar-ready package cars and truck, Honda eliminates the Fit and the Accord guidebook, as well as GM guarantees an EV pick-up with 400 miles of array. Plus, we consider what you must spend for a classic Ford Bronco. Host: Tiffany Stone



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23 Replies to “Glickenhaus 008 Baja Kit Car, Honda kills more cars, 400-mile GM EV Pickup – Daily Driver”

  1. RIP Manual Honda Transmissions.
    My Dad said to me once, “If you can drive a manual, you can drive anything.”

  2. If you want an over the top truly affordable Kit-Kar”. Look no farther than the Factory-5 racing group. They know how to do it, and not at a ridiculous starting price of 130K.

  3. For all those Car Enthusiasts who love Manual Transmissions, the 2020/2021 Cadillac CT4-V, CT4-V Blackwing, CT5-V & CT5-V Blackwing are all available with Manual Transmissions.

  4. Car manufacturers should install more charging stations across the U.S if they want to sell more Ev’s not just at Costco

    1. For years I’ve been saying the Big 3 need to put a charging station at each dealer they have: every smaller town has one. Ford has 3000 dealers, Chrysler has 2500, and IIRC GM has 4300 dealers…that’s almost 10,000 stations.
      And Tesla has only 900 charging stations…..they could wipe Tesla out if they wanted.

  5. Found on road dead , fix or repair daily ,only if they could build a better product FORD never meant first on race day.

  6. Is Captain Kirk your father. The WAY you speak ABOUT products and STORIES is very… reminiscent of early Captain KIRK. Its like being on an audible rollercoaster.

  7. My three fav Honda’s are gone. The manual FIT, manual Civic coupe, manual Accord coupe. Why are Americans so scared of manuals. In other countries it’s like 80% manuals and here it’s like 10%. Weird.

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