Greasy to gorgeous: Buick Straight 8 Fireball engine rebuild time-lapse | Redline Rebuild

Our overhaul of this 1951 Buick Fireball straight-eight is ULTIMATELY complete! See the total transformation of this really tired engine in this hectic time-lapse video clip. You'll see every step of the procedure– from first teardown to very first fire-up.

We know this set has been a very long time coming, and also we value your persistence! Thanks for following in addition to Davin as well as the Redline Updates as we uncovered and resolved unexpected troubles with shutoffs, pistons, lifters, as well as much more. Make certain to sign up for the Hagerty network and comply with along as we tear right into even more rebuild jobs in 2021!

Unique many thanks to:
JE Pistons
Thirlby Factory (Joe, Mike, Mark, Todd, and also Bill … you guys rock!).
Sean Murphy Induction.
Jason's Customized Steel Polishing.
Traverse Body & Paint.
West Michigan Cerakote.
Ypsilanti Layout & Fabrication.

Music licensed through
" The Old Timer" by Tigerblood Gem.
" Suffer City Blues" (Instrumental Version) by Suffer City.

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32 Replies to “Greasy to gorgeous: Buick Straight 8 Fireball engine rebuild time-lapse | Redline Rebuild”

  1. Ahhhh we out here now!

    Post viewing: best video you’ve done yet. The filming was incredible. Bravo!

  2. We have been waiting for this for so long. But it’s always worth it! Davin is a legend 🀘 and of course the whole team deserves a shout out for making these videos!

    1. @Harrison VC Check out the comments on the video where they bashed in the sleeves (pre-cracking them), then when the valve seats got hammered in, and then the valves that aren’t sized right so a binding on the pedestal and not able to spin (called ‘positive rotation’ on some other brands, stops premature wear on the valve-to-seat interface and the rocker arm to valve interface) and then it got started with rocker cover on, so no visual guide to it actually having oil reaching the rockers…
      This thing sounds like a diesel instead of smooth as silk, it’s not going to survive anywhere near the number of miles it did before the rebuild.

  3. As someone who films and edits, kudo’s. There’s about 10x (probably more) set up and time in this than the episodes of the build. Very nice work. Very well planned and what a payoff!

  4. Worth the wait! Loved watching and seeing all the issues that arose during the course of the Rebuild.

  5. yikes! Seeing that before 1k views!
    Worried about this straight 8 more than about my own relationships.

    God bless Hagerty

  6. DAVIN!
    This day will be known in history as “V-B Day”, in remembrance of your victory over the Buick.
    There may even be parades….
    Congrats on the fine work as always, sir.
    -Ed on the Ridge

  7. I really love how you do the time lapses especially with the tape unrolling itself it’s cool as hell

    1. Yes. A very satisfying ending to another heartwarming boy-meets-crankshaft story. I loved every minute of it but was particularly impressed by the camera moving through the camshaft bores.

  8. Hagerty, Thank you for such great content that has remained free to view on youtube. I show your videos to my classes as a reward for completing lessons. I hope that the holiday season is merry and restful as we prepare to enter 2021. I look forward to all of your content.

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