Hennessey’s ‘311 mph’ Venom F5, $90,000 Fiero, Taycan Record – Daily Driver

The Hennessey Poison F5 hypercar asserts it will certainly go 311 miles per hour, the Porsche Taycan sets a lap record at Roadway Atlanta, and also Bugatti reveals an efficiency product for your ears. And also, You Paid What?


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29 Replies to “Hennessey’s ‘311 mph’ Venom F5, $90,000 Fiero, Taycan Record – Daily Driver”

    1. Thats for the production car record, she didn’t say anything about production car records and the F5 wouldn’t qualify for that record either because its not in production.

    2. @DrewLSsix The Hennessy venom f5 is a production car.
      It has their own VIN number.
      In case of the venom gt, it had lotus VIN.

    1. @Mark A Hahaha yes. If you think Hennessy will use his own parts when he can’t even design let alone not rip people off you are mistaken.

    2. Hennessey is a snake oil salesman. He sells power packages for cars at an insane price and it’s usually just a supercharger and ecu flash. As far as the venom is concerned…I’ll believe it when I see it

  1. Thank you for following the Fiero $90k (just threw up a little) with a couple more sensible choices…!
    PS. There’s another host?

  2. Why do you insult our intelligence on the history of Hennessey, and then underhandedly call us drunks like the venom does not exist?

  3. Please buy Tom Cotter a good flashlight, that cell phone light does not get the job done in those dark garages.

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