HOT ROD Magazine Buick Barn Find Rescue Part 2

This is the story of a '66 Buick Special convertible that had been deserted in Arizona in 1978 by the family of Rick Pewe, editor of 4-Wheel & Off-Road publication. In 2011, the people from RACER Magazine, combined with Rick, invested 4 days bringing the vehicle back from the dead with plans to drive it home from Phoenix metro to Los Angeles. This is part 2, loaded with road-trip amusement. The story is printed in the September 2011 problem of RACER Magazine.

35 Replies to “HOT ROD Magazine Buick Barn Find Rescue Part 2”

    1. This is how roadkill was born actually, motortrend aproached freiburger and finnigan after a series of popular videos on the hot rod channel.

    1. Dominic Racca this is the concept idea for roadkill, this is what made them start the show if I’m not mistaken he said it would be in he magazine in September of 2011 LOL

  1. Can’t show the fuel system mod? Humm…gas can being filled in the forground and put in the trunk, hose to the fuel pump. Seems obvious to me.

  2. I wonder — When Finnegan hired on to Hot Rod Magazine, he maybe thought he would be behind a desk pushing paper. But he ends up behind a car….pushing.

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