How to make a Barn Find Matchbox Car

This is my initial attempt at an exactly how to video clip so i ask forgiveness concerning it being out of emphasis sometimes as well as the arbitrary noises in the background. Do not hesitate to ask any concerns. Enjoy!

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  1. Man that is great. love the video man keep them coming must see more and the flat wheels iv never thought of that thanks

    1. thejunkman my friend taught me about a better way to make the cover, use blue shop towels and soak them in a water and white glue mix, much easier to work with and looks waaaay better.

    1. King Haro I don’t throw my blades away as often as I should so they are always super dull. The blade I’m using now I could run it on my finger without cutting it.

  2. Great Ideas Thank you 🙂 I do 1/64 Road warrior cars trucks for games so this really helped:-) Dave in Va.

  3. Great video, when I was a kid my relicing process took 1 minute with a hammer and then rubbing the car against the concrete floor. I buried it afterwards in the garden and my Grandma dug it out accidentally a few years later It looked the same way. Cool memories

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, I’m making my 64′ Riviera into a barn find, but I found I better one to make its a 1957 gmc stepside

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