Hudsons, Plymouths, Jeeps, Lincolns, and more! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 68

It's the fourth and also final day in Bozeman, MT, as well as Tom strikes gold once more! At location number one we have Hudsons, Plymouths, Jeeps, Lincolns, Studebakers, Nashs, AMCs, Chevys, and Chryslers. Moving onto location number two, Tom discovers an auto he hasn't seen in over 25 years, an Oldsmobile F-85 Rallye 350. The third as well as last location holds a remarkable tale about a Dino as well as Rosie Seppi, a couple who took a trip all over the USA in their Volvo 122 wagon.

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48 Replies to “Hudsons, Plymouths, Jeeps, Lincolns, and more! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 68”

  1. Thanks for doing this show!
    This motivated me to get a old car from the Staates this year. Searched it and bought it and imported it to Germany.
    I watch every episode!
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. @Beacan Ó Donnghaile I am in with the Buicks. So I wanted to get an electra. I ended up with a 1969 sports coupe. Gold with a white top and white interieur. One family owned and only around 20 thousand original miles on it. I am lucky that i found this one.

    1. I know, right? Everyone is just obsessed with 60s Chevys or Fords or Mopars, making even worthless scrapyard rust buckets shoot up to ridiculous prices, while there are all these cars nobody has ever heard of just waiting to be fixed up for less than a 10th of what a mediocre generic 60s big three muscle car costs.

  2. This series is just perfect, love seeing these cars, also the interesting people and geography are a bonus. Thanks for the content.
    Cornwall uk

  3. This is why I would like these programs to be longer, I could listen to old straight up car guys all day ! Love so many of those in the collection.

    1. Don’t you just LOVE the fact that he Is sensible about it ? Doesn’t want a Mint , nor does he have fantasies of ” Gonna fix them up someday ” while they rot into the ground. Love this guy !

  4. It’s an EXTREMELY rare thing to see a car accumulator actually come to reality and realize – too many projects and not enough years. Reasonably priced too. All too often: 70 year old man with 50 desirable cars rotting in a pasture saying, “gonna fix’em up one day.”

    1. Looks close to eighty to me, and the best of car menagerie is kept in his wooden sheds, and he’s gonna keep those beauties for a while!

    2. @Colin Rogers Many families have estate auctions and sell off everything to collectors and whoever but I’m sure scrappers are there bidding. Or in their will they give the cars away or donate their estate to a charity which it is then auctioned off to. Maybe when they say ill fix them up one day they are hoping they are passed along and fixed up or the value from the auction benefits their family so it would be worth hanging on to. Even if they don’t have a family they could still have everything auctioned off and donated to a charity or cause they care about. not likely scrapped people are to aware of the value of vehicles today but it could happen!

    1. No the smell of old leather & just car smell… Once experienced it stays with you forever…. I also love the smell of electro mech workings of old pinball machines!

  5. Tom, “We’re out there for you looking for old cars” – and I appreciate it. You and your team is going places that I can’t go, so i”m living vicariously through you! Thanks.

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