Insane 720HP AMG GT Black Series, 3D-Printed Pistons, AWD Civic Type R – Daily Driver

The AMG GT Black Collection is ultimately revealed, a Porsche gets lighter pistons, as well as the next Civic Type R can be four-wheel drive. And also, a crazy tale of a World Series promo from Chrysler. Host: Tiffany Rock



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18 Replies to “Insane 720HP AMG GT Black Series, 3D-Printed Pistons, AWD Civic Type R – Daily Driver”

  1. 3D printing is way over hyped. They could have made the pistons 10% lighter with standard forged pistons. They are going to be weaker either way. 90% of 3D printing is just propogating the false hype started 10 years ago. 3D printing changed the world by every 12 year old getting a printer and making a Yoda, then into the attic it goes.

    1. Sure forge something with cooling holes in it and other complex structures. oh wait, you cant. thats why its used, to print something nothing else can: something complex inside a closed thing where no machine or form can go

    2. @Marvin Engelhardt problem is… 3D printing is almost never truly 3D… more like 2D requiring extensive support on overhangs making printing hollow difficult en materials like metal.

  2. I’ve never understood the use of Nimrod as an insult. Nimrod was a great hunter & warrior from the book of Genesis.

  3. Ye but the problem with 3d printing metal is generally that they haven’t perfected the metallurgy for strength, especially compared to forged and heat treated parts. Wonder how close they are getting… Does allow for precise placement of materials though that’s for sure.

  4. Nimrod actually meant that you were a top notch hunter. Only when it was used in Bugs Bunny cartoons did it became a derogatory term.

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