Inside The Incredible Elkhart Collection, EV Hummer, 2021 Veloster N – Daily Driver

We obtain a peek at one of the most incredible auto collections taking place sale. Plus, more information on the Electric Hummer, Mercedes rear-seat air bag, and also Veloster N Automatic. Host: Tiffany Stone

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26 Replies to “Inside The Incredible Elkhart Collection, EV Hummer, 2021 Veloster N – Daily Driver”

  1. Hyundai pe8ce o crap! Nothing but crap subpart components cheap metals. Gutless engine. Had trouble going uphill and maintain 65 MPH.

  2. The future is electric. No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs.
    Gas and diesel are old polluting technology. So last century.

    1. @Gearhead Garage You have never driven a Tesla. They are so fast and so much fun to drive. After driving a Tesla everything else feels like old outdated technology. Flip phone vs smart phone.

    2. @Kenz300 x Until you want to go faster then a Tesla. They are the Apple’s of the car world. No motor mods whatsoever and everything is regulated with software.

  3. Lol who saw that ballon car hit the Mercedes, wow I wanna know how you they can pretend like itll work when they wont test it against an actual vehicle…just like the quality standards of Mercs.

  4. The Elkhart collection is owned by a person named Najeeb Khan. He’s been accused of over a hundred million dollars worth of fraud and is liquidating his collection this October through Sotheby’s. This is all according to Google.

  5. I’m not gonna lie, I was born and raised in South Bend, IN. Where Studebaker automobiles were made Right next door to Elkhart and I’ve never heard of the Elkhart collection!

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