IT’S ALIVE! Tom and Bernie bring “Mabel” the Morris Minor back to life | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 85

(UK trip, episode 5 of 6) Just in instance you can not obtain sufficient of Bernie, below is an additional episode packed with laughter and banter while Tom as well as Bernie put their heads with each other to get "Mabel" the Morris Minor running once again.

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28 Replies to “IT’S ALIVE! Tom and Bernie bring “Mabel” the Morris Minor back to life | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 85”

    1. Jack Cowsill. A funnel works just fine. One guy holds the funnel one guy poor’s the fuel. It’s not rocket science.
      I guess it is for these guys.

    1. No way, I wasn’t impressed at all by him. They spend many hours just to get it started, even thou we all know that this car should be taken into restoration garage and put it apart. Putting fresh oil into 20 year old oils, that propably are turned into custard by this time, is the biggest mistake you can do. Just a complete mess this event.

  1. Tom there’s still plenty of barnfinds in the Midwest especially across Illinois it would be a pleasure to host you and your team in the land of Lincoln

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