Jaguar XJS | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker

Magnus Pedestrian checks out the cars and trucks that could be the future classics. In this episode Magnus drives the Jaguar XJS to figure out if his gratitude for the elegant grand tourer is greater than skin deep.

Unique thanks to: @linus_ofthehighdesert and also @westcoastetype

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29 Replies to “Jaguar XJS | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker”

    1. They have been going up but there’s a ceiling for a car that generally breaks on a monthly basis since new.

  1. I figured he’d go for a Corvair after his lusting for air-cooled, rear engined cars. But, the XJS has been underrated for far too long.

  2. Having restored and owned a VandePlas XJ12, I can attest to the electrical issues being complicated *for the time*. If you have the knowledge (I happen to have a degree in electrical engineering) you can actually repair all the components, as there is no software. You can’t do this on more modern injection systems. The jag V12’s were mechanically actually quite bulletproof, the weakness is in the cooling system and the electronics. If you can sort out those, these things keep going forever (mine had 300.000km on the clock and going strong)

  3. I worked for the dealer when they were new, they were good cars if maintained properly by someone who knew what they were doing. As a 20 year master tech for Jaguar I never replaced an engine in one, most problems were caused by the owner taking them to local garages.

  4. Jag XJSs are great when they run. The V12 is too complex with all the emissions spaghetti. Expensive to fix, and fix, and fix….

  5. These cars are already going up in value, but the best ones are the restomodded cars. They don’t overheat or have electrical issues, the suspension is sorted, and they start first time every time. This is a car to love, not to justify with logic.

  6. Greets from me and my 1984 XJ-S H.E. Marlborough Red. A fantastic car with an unique shape and finally the XJ-S will become the next big thing.

  7. I remember driving a xjs he in the 90’s when I was a young salesman, you could watch the fuel guage dropping as you drove it, be good with a LS3

  8. The later ones with the straight six are really the sweet spot. 95% of the performance and smoothness but with far, far less maintenance. I am fully in love with my ’93 convertible.

  9. Wow!!!! My Dad worked as an Engineer at Jaguar for 41 years, he was even standing next to Malcolm Sayer as he drew the first sketch of what XJS would look like. Over the decades the car became my Dads baby as he oversaw its development especially in the U.S. He spent months here each year here doing the hot weather testing out of a rented garage bay in the back of an appliance store in Phoenix Arizona. His time here for work is why when I was young we moved here as a family. I’m one of few adults in world that can say Norman Dewis, Jim Randle baby sat me as my Dad was off doing hot laps around a track testing lol. I honestly thought I’d end up watching this and you’ve have all the facts wrong but nope, you nailed it. Hence the “Wow!”. Thank you

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