Lowering a Chevy squarebody front suspension | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 8

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25 Replies to “Lowering a Chevy squarebody front suspension | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 8”

  1. As a young punk I owned a sweet 85 Silverado, had done most major upgrades was just down to paint, showing off trying to rip longer second gear chirps and rolled it, damn I miss that truck, and the way they’ve rose in value is crazy.

  2. Those tie rod ends (as well as bushings and ball joints) should have been replaced anyway, so buggering the threads should’ve been no big deal. If you’re worried about your budget that much, you’re probably not going to be shelling out for drop spindles to begin with.

  3. When tearing down and re-assembling, wear a head or body cam next time for a better view and visual effect of what you are actually doing for the viewers. Good video, but seamed to much like watching the shows on Motor Trend…youtube is a different platform that people like more. Check-out Vice Grip Garage. Derek is spot on while doing that.

    1. @Waylon Wire’s Old Iron I was going to suggest the same. Smack the cast iron part. I spent many years using separators and smacking the threads+nut. You can go to town on the cast iron without worrying about damaging it.

  4. Take the castle nut off and flip it around 180° to thread it back onto the ball joint. This will protect the castellations from damage.

  5. I’m guessing dozens of seasoned auto techs have told you to never strike the ball joint and tie rod ends. You had the idea to strike the bosses on the spindle, besides it’s getting a new one.
    I would have replaced at least all rubber bushings.

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