37 Replies to “Massive Musclecar Barn Find Cars And Parts Hoard Found In Iowa”

  1. It’s all hard to find stuff because it’s all at this guy’s place that is crazy man what a place the guy knew what he was doing when he hoarded all that stuff

    1. 79tazman has a time machine. Went back and drove them to his dad property. Left a note not to sell until 2018. Just before the worlds largest financial reset.
      Signed Marty mcfly. Lol

  2. This guy had to work for GM or maybe a shop that was changing parts out in order to collect all the stuff on top of a swap meets and garage sales of course

    1. First thing my wife did is get id of my 64 malibuss I had covered and stored on blocks with 30k for 400 bucks. Had it since 69.

    1. San Jose
      Probably Never, considering that LibTards that don’t honor
      history will make visits to Communist Cuba to find “special automotive history will find NO cars in California due to Carbon Credits While
      Bolshevik Run Commiefornia that inspired songs & movies for decades will be banned from the Streets, while old age & environment will corrode to a pile of Rust// What a pitty// What A Waste of History.
      WILL Jay Leno be the LAST REFUGE TO Monster Muscle Cars? WTH is WRONG with

    2. @David Porowski Face it, cars today are much safer and burn much less gas, styling the sucks but it’s got zero to do with “liberals” you idiot.

  3. I just really want the 70 chevelle in the garage from the beginning, wish you showcased it after all! I wanted to know if it was a 4 speed car also

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