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    1. Snow foam, two bucket wash, claybar, rinse, dry with edgeless towel, 2 stage polish with polisher using AG products, finish with ceramic coat and you will achieve the real deal. Wouldn’t want you anywhere near these cars mate.

    2. @TheExStig you are so rude how can you assume this guy knows nothing about cleaning cars ?but then I guess you know it all!!😂😂😂

  1. Cracking find lots of interesting brutish cars for once, so many barn finds are American, just to note those minis are later than you say the early ones had external door hinges I think the grey one is 1989 ish. 👍

  2. I would love just to be able to walk around those cars and possibly sit inside them as it would bring back many memories and good times we used to have when we used to own similar cars back in my time, If only !!! These are my dreams to have just even one of those cars to treasure.

  3. I was born in 1950, and had my first car when 8 to drive around the orchards and market gardens where I grew up,, I then went on to do many many jobs, and for several years worked in the motor trade, so I got to drive most of these wonderful cars, and of course own some of them too! Ahhh bring tears to my eyes to see these beauties like this. Most of these would fetch serious money if cleaned and sold on the open market,, especially if they were got running!

  4. They were probably bought over the years for peanuts one at a time when they were considered to be scrap value only . The investment may have taken thirty years to mature but it was worth it.

  5. Omg, what a find! what a collection, thank you, thank you for sharing, I was born in 1950, passed my driving test first time in 1967 for the princely sum of ÂĢ1, driving lessons were 2 shillings for 40 minutes or 2s/6d for an hour, 4* petrol was 65d per gallon, 240d + ÂĢ1, as an apprentice welder, from memory my wages were about ÂĢ5 17s 6d per week ) My first car was a 1959 Hillman Minx series 11, bench front seat (kept well polished to enable young ladies to “slide around ” a little in the corners, column gear change, hand brake protruded from the dashboardand a foot operated “dip switch” how I would dearly like to have a drive in one toaday. Nostagia rules! great memories, thank you once again. Respect to you Sir. 🙂

  6. Blimey! Sunbeam Rapier, my dad had one of those in midnight blue…loved it. Shame to see all the car companies that have disappeared, Hillman, Humber, Singer etc and their model names Minx, Hunter etc. Great vid thanks for finding and sharing!

  7. So sad to see these cars sitting here like this please tell me someone is going to restore them or sell them for restoration

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