Mega-stash of old Fords and Mercurys, many with 390 V-8 engines | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 33

Warm Southern California is a hotbed for classic automobiles, from road-worthy elegances to the failed to remember junkers that Barn Discover Seeker Tom Cotter wakes up every morning hoping to uncover. However California is tightening up state regulations concerning the ownership of non-functional automobiles, making it tougher for people to avoid jobs. In this episode, Tom scours Craigslist to locate Alex, an automobile guy whose motherlode of Fords as well as Mercurys has managed to escape the wrath of The golden state's enforcement. Cougars, Fairlanes, Comets, and Torinos– numerous with 390 engines and/or factory four-speeds– count among the neglected treasures in Alex's stash.

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34 Replies to “Mega-stash of old Fords and Mercurys, many with 390 V-8 engines | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 33”

    1. At various times I owned four of the cars pictured here. I’d give a left testicle to own them ALL again. At that point in my life I had to sell what I had to buy something else. One other car I owned was a ’65 Monterey with a breezeway rear window. 390, but at 4000 pounds not that quick. Hell of a road car, a real tank for weight but sprung soft.

    2. Yeaaa, I can’t help but think that when I see a field full of cars. Hopefully they’ll survive and make it back to the road someday

  1. I’m not a FoMoCo fan, but I’m sure if I had money in my pocket and walked through this guy’s stuff I couldn’t resist one of these old girls pulling on my heartstrings that I would just have to make mine.

    1. Anything about Minnesota barn finds at all? I remember on my way down to Rochester I saw 4 (what looked like) late 40s/early 50s cars in an open barn. I don’t know who the owner was, I just saw it.

  2. I could walk around there for a week and come back to europe feeling I’ve spend a good holiday. People like Alex should turn that property into a holiday park 😉

  3. Awesome find. One of my fav channels along with forgotten weapons and project binky. If you read this and have not watched project binky episodes do yourself a favor.

    1. in high school I to had a ford falcon 1962 170 6 3 on the tree. 1978-1980. till 1982 then my popp sold for me..10/28/19 9.30 am cst USA TRUMP 2020…

  4. ive died n gone to heaven if thats my back yard… Ford product as far as the eye can see…. what an amazing collection of amazing vehicles..

  5. The 428 CJ was significantly underrated. I rebuilt my 68 to spec and it dynoed at 434 hp @ 5400 and 457 ft lb @ 2600 rpm

    1. Thank you. The 335hp listed in advertising was underrated for insurance purposes. I always wondered what the true hp was.

  6. Thank you for this one. My 1st car 69 Cougar GT 390 Auto. Boy,,, do I miss that car!!!

  7. Can’t understand the negativity towards a video where the host clearly states the guy is SELLING these classics. Some of you need to try and comprehend dialogue. He found the guy on C-list for crying out loud. Great video!

  8. I bought my Cougar’s roof from Alex and he shipped it to New Orleans in 2017. Awesome guy. I visited Cali in hopes of meeting him going through his stash but he was in Georgia on business. Thanks Tom! I got to see his treasure trove after all.

  9. no wonder you couldnt find a good solid ford to build these days…this guy haddem all.

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