Million Dollar Boss Mustang Prototype Barn Find -1971 Boss They Didn’t Make

The one they said Ford really did not make – a 1971 Employer 302 – found and also purchased off eBay.

Email ( if you have a barn discover or understand of one. Or call me at 806-236-3681. We will feature you in the video or even get the automobile or pay a finder's fee if you do not desire the cars and truck and also just know where it is, and so on

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PS: I can obtain more of the genuine story without a big video staff that terrifies real people. It's just me behind the video camera asking concerns as well as taking photos and also video clip – very fun.

Please e-mail ( me baits cars PRIOR TO you drew them out of hiding, then I can take a video like this one.

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56 Replies to “Million Dollar Boss Mustang Prototype Barn Find -1971 Boss They Didn’t Make”

    1. The thing is at the end of the day it’s still just a f.o.r.d , so there’s nothing to really to get excited about 😴 . Don’t get me wrong the story is an awesome one but being a f.o.r.d nothing to get excited about .

  1. Awesome story, remember reading about this car in Mustang Monthly, figures Bob Perkins would end up with this ultra rare piece of Mustang history.

    1. Carve it in wood, press it into some wet sand, remove it and pour molten aluminum in the pressed hole. Add clasps while still molten.

  2. Even though I’m a massive Mopar fan, I love all muscle car up to -70-71….and this is a beauty!
    After early -70’s cars became ugly!

    1. Your absolutely right they became uggggly, its as if they run out of design ideas or put some new young morons on the drafting boards that were fresh out of college.

  3. Ford exec #1 – Hey, this new, heavier Boss 302 is a real dog.
    Ford exec #2 – Yeesh – it feels like my secretary’s ’67 289 coupe – not good. Chevrolet is going to destroy us, what now?
    Ford exec #1 – Move the Boss program to the new 351 Cleveland, (making the most storied small block in the muscle car era) giving us the edge, but let’s be sure to produce it in limited numbers for only one year – so even though we have the best running small block of anyone, nobody knows it.
    Ford exec #2 – I’ll start the paperwork.

    1. The prototype I would like is the one for the Boss 351, It was a 1970
      Boss with a 351 Boss engine! I seen the pictures of the cars but They claimed the Both the Fastback and convertible were destroyed, because Prototype cars are not road legal!

    1. Yes, and thankfully too–wouldn’t want to see this rusting away in a field, like so many other great cars that I’ve seen

    1. I cut mine up in 85 and raced it. It lasted 3 years and died a glorious death, it’s 390 drive-train living on to power another car..

    2. @Chris Montreuil Wow a butt ugly yellow stang. We don’t need this stang story to tell stang stories. Some of us have lots of stang life events.

    3. @Greg Lyle the comment I made was not directed to you. But if you take offence when no offence was ment to be given, make a utube about your stang. I plan to utube our two old stangs. The yellow stang featured is truly a rare. I have a boss 302 engine in a truck, and it is an impressive engine. Would be even in the heavy 71.

  4. Was this a time warp where you took “the old man” from pawn stars 35 years back in time when he had a Boss302? Or am I the only one who thinks Bob Perkins looks like a younger Richard Harrison?

  5. Those parts are awesome …..however you only have one customer, essentially, …they are completely useless ……I mean, unless you build a clone

    1. Not a bad idea actually… building a clone of it with all of the parts. Then another person or people could experience it. Or he could then use it as a weekend driving car if not daily, and not care about its value decreasing. It’d alwaya be priceless to him.

  6. When I heard him on the phone say “Ford actually made 7 but crushed them” made me cringe and almost cry at the same time! Lol But very glad when the boss 302 found it’s home it is with this enthusiast!. Also I wonder how much it actually sold for off eBay?πŸ€”

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