Model A front axle teardown | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 2

Kyle strolls us with a teardown of the front axle of his Model A.

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28 Replies to “Model A front axle teardown | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 2”

  1. A lot of the video had the parts to high on the screen when you were handling them. Great info. Wish you were a little slower on the removal process.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. That was partly my error. These were filmed alone using an Iphone and I was not aware of the crop that would be done so it could be uploaded. It’s something I’ve taken into consideration on future videos!

  2. Consider yourself very very lucky. After 90 years my king pins were frozen in place. Had to drop the whole front assembly and press them out.

    1. I can’t put my nervousness diving into this project into words. I went in hoping for the best but planning to need a lot of heat and a press. Watching that kingpin move with the first hit of the hammer sent me over the moon!

  3. That came apart pretty nice. Working on old cars is always fun but can be TOTALLY frustrating sometimes when things simply REFUSE to dis-assemble. The last thing you want to do is start breaking bolts !!!
    That’s EXACTLY what’s on the agenda for today. It’s taken to “Friday” but we have finally reached “work on the car” day. 👍👍👍👍

  4. I have not seen kyle before, Kyle seems like an alright guy, i guess i’m going back to ep 1 Ok i really need to go back to ep 1 but this mans is in way too nice of clothes to be working on a car lol, all power to him, but i would have 10 grease stains on me by the time that came out.

  5. OMG I hate you so much! I had to torch the hell out the kingpins on my old ford pickup. Then pound on them for like a day! Also had to ream mine too.

    Steering was a dream after they were repaired though!!

  6. Ааааа как Газель))))) Развертку длинную ищи что бы ровно было.👍👍👍👍👍

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