Model A storage and starting on the Corvair’s exhaust | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 20

Kyle preps his Version A for winter season storage and also prepares to begin a brand-new task: a brand-new Corvair exhaust.

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21 Replies to “Model A storage and starting on the Corvair’s exhaust | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 20”

  1. the whole notion of snow on the roads is weird to me living in los Angeles we don’t see that stuff

  2. You will have to replace the head gasket because you don’t want to lose that engine nothing to call parts or handle molel t &a👌 nice video

  3. Watching Kile put his Ford away for “the season” reminds me how grateful I am to live in Northern California. Tomorrow I’m driving the Bug Eye, top down, on a 100 mile road rally with a bunch of other crazys. I’ll probably be able to drive the Sprite at least once a week all Winter long. No snow, no salt. I do *not* take this for granted. Thanks for the update, Kyle!

  4. I really liked this video even though I live in California and I don’t have to do any of this for my car

  5. You know you gonna catch Hell for that exhaust system. The 140hp engine had dual exhaust and you will lose a bit of performance making it a single exhaust. I understand though why you did it. Can say that you will want a very free-flowing muffler…the Hemi muffler won’t fit though:( LOL Plenty to choose from though.

  6. The Corvair is a sensational looking car, so sleek. Looks like some interesting videos to come too. Cheers

  7. awsome tips for storing older cars, looking forward to the exhaust video on the corvair , btw where did you get the vw bus shirt ! ??

  8. Hey here is a novel idea drive it in the winter !! Ok avoid snow days or salty days but use it as it was intended

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