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The Ford Broncos is delayed into 2022, Maserati teases a MC20 snow sled, as well as a restomod of the Unimog selection gets T-Stone accepted. Plus, Did You Know?


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27 Replies to “Most valuable Hot Wheels, Bronco delays, Maserati MC20 – Daily Driver”

  1. Congrats on 100 episodes and congrats to Hauk Designs. They’re local and I didn’t realize their worldwide fame, just that for awhile at a building not far from me, they had a cool Peterbilt out front.

    1. It looks awesome. Never liked the Unimog, but this thing is a beast. Fantastic job on every detail.

  2. Oh I didn’t know the manual bronco was petitioned for, that’s awesome! I love that manual transmissions remain in a few, select vehicles.

  3. i’d even take the disimproved mog… original one is fine ’nuff 🙂 (been drivin one for some years in fancy nato olive green)

  4. “Worth” $150k? To whom?
    Suppose worth is wot you can get for it, but 150k is alotta clams, man…!

  5. “COVID-19 related delays?” Every other manufacturer seems to have tackled that issue, but Ford, with the biggest model launch this century, can’t overcome it? Ford had dropped the ball, big time … again.

  6. Damn, Ford. I keep rooting for you but you just can’t get it right…a year delay for a highly anticipated vehicle that you’re already 10 years late to the party… Damn, Ford.

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