New-look Chevelle combines best elements of ’70 and ’71 | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep.7

Chip Foose makes his desire Chevelle by beginning with the 1970 version and also adding the 1971-1972 back bumper. Take a look at what happens when both front and back sides of a Chevelle get the four round light therapy and also inform us what you assume in the remarks!

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23 Replies to “New-look Chevelle combines best elements of ’70 and ’71 | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep.7”

  1. My dream come true I’ve always said that the 72 back bumper goes on theb70 freaking awesome

  2. i’ve felt this exact same way since i was a kid. My first love is a ’65 el camino. My second is a ’70 chevelle with exactly what Chip did with the rear bumper. I have magazine clippings from hot rod and car craft from 20 plus years ago with my dream of doing this. nice drawing, Chip. Met you a few times over the years on monday/setup day at sema in central hall. you are really a genuine and nice guy.

  3. Dear Chip,
    always with great pleasure to watch your videos, I like your vision of this time and in particular at GM, but the most important for me is that you do better with what already exists, that is really important … leave your mark … Bravo!

  4. A car guy in my home town had the front end damaged on his ’71 years ago. He also liked the front of a ’70. Long story short he has had a ’71 Chevelle with a ’70 front end for years and the car is awesome.

  5. Some really great insights and information in this video, from why you use a ballpoint pen (I’ve always wondered that), to how individual styling decisions get made and affect overall design outcomes. Thanks for this series, and keep ’em coming! Stay safe…

  6. Love it, Chevelle is one of my all time favorite.
    Now, pls pls pls can you do a chrome bumper Corvette?
    Plsplsplspls pretty pls lol.

  7. Chip, Awesome! I have always wondered what you would do to a 78-81 Chevrolet Malibu 2 door… I would love to see what it would look like after you “take the ugly out”.

  8. I would love the uncut version of this! I could listen and watch Foose draw cars for hours.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! We’ve been thinking about releasing uncut versions of these. Just watch Chip draw in real time! We shall see!

  9. This is a great video series. Not only Foose, but the sound track is really cool too. Keep it up.

  10. My Cuzn’ has been telling me to do that to mine for YEARS! One of my boys has actually done it. . .It definitely works direct bolt on!!

  11. I am partial to the 1969 Chevelle SS 396 because I owned one. I have driven a 1970 Chevelle SS 454 with the LS6, 4 speed. It was awesome, and just a beast. I always wanted a 1959 Impala with a 1960 Impala front clip. Like the teardrop taillights on the 59, but the front end on the 1960 Impala is really sweet.

  12. I’d love to have a real sketch from one of these episodes. Signed by Mr. CHIP FOOSE! I’d frame and hang in my living room. I could sit and watch you draw all day!

  13. Chip, I have to agree with you about that era of GM cars. They really do look good. Classic, beautiful.

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