Out with the old Ford 260 | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep 4

What's the most effective means to eliminate the Ford 260 V-8 from a Sunbeam Tiger? Why with a JDM Toyota Century, certainly! In this week's engine swap upgrade, Brad eliminates the exhausted Ford 260 engine making use of some techniques that would make any type of house auto mechanic proud. Adhere to along as Brad makes use of every trick in guide to go down the old V-8 out of beneath his 1966 Sunbeam Tiger.

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26 Replies to “Out with the old Ford 260 | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep 4”

  1. I don’t suppose leaving the car up in the air and lowering the engine to the dolly crossed your mind? Nor removing the cross member that supports the trans? .

    1. Nag nag nag… This gentleman does as any other regular guy would do it in his home garage. Hats off to him since being the CEO and owner of Hagerty, he could gave had Davin do it for him, Wreckerboy.

  2. Pretty sure I would have invested in a 2 post hoist or, those rail jacks. Can’t rent those?
    Good for you though… If I did this, you would hear a lot of F-bombs, A LOT!

  3. You…..are a funny guy! Good job. Always have a styrofoam coffee cup ready when pulling drive shaft out. Just jam it over the tail housing.

  4. Great solo work as per usual. But with everything you do I keep thinking, “How will this work when you run the camera backwards to install the new motor?” Installation seems that it might be a lot harder than removal with only one person. You’ll have to lower the body a fraction of an inch, check clearance, adjust, lower another fraction, etc.. etc.. Rinse, Repeat.
    Best of luck. I’ll be watching. 🙂

  5. Great Video thanks for the update… I just know it going to be hard to install that engine than it was to remove it but I have faith in you, nice job now grap another cub of java, you earned it.

    1. Trapper50cal I think he is English, but has lived stateside for a long time. I’ve noticed a number of obviously British words that he uses.

  6. I live in Dundalk Md, I hope some day I get to see that Toyota Century in my area. I always wanted to see one those cars

  7. Yep you and I could work together – I would have dropped the spinner in the transmission fluid bucket twice. Fun video. Looking forward to more.

  8. Man you are doing great! This is like open heart surgery and you have the ingenuity to get the job done. Excellent video.

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