Persistence Pays Off! Tom finds a Plethora of Pontiacs | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 53

In this episode of "Barn Locate Hunter," trip together with Tom Cotter and experience an uncommon peek right into his procedure of barn finding. He remains in Le Claire, Iowa, (home town of the American Pickers) looking for automobiles the Pickers haven't obtained their hands on yet. Tom locates a couple of points here and there, but his perseverance at one certain area repays in the type of a huge selection of classic Pontiacs as well as Fords, some of which are seeking brand-new residences.

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70 Replies to “Persistence Pays Off! Tom finds a Plethora of Pontiacs | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 53”

    1. that’s okay, it makes him feel good just to own it . After he is gone his family may restore it as a reminder of him. ya never know.

  1. I like the guys comment about his garage not normally looking that way!…Lol….yea, that’s what I say too…..

    1. I feel for him. I sure wouldn’t want any surprise inspections on MY garage. It normally looks JUST like his. LOL

    2. Yep really looked like he hadn’t worked in there for years. The lawnmower looked like it had been in and out recently though, LOL

  2. One common thread is several projects that never get completed. You ask them if they’ll sell it but they say it’s not for sale, I’m going to restore it. Asks them when they bought it and they say they bought it in 1963.

    1. As long as the owner is happy and hopefully his “museum” falls into the right hands some of those cars should live again. Would be an interesting show to come in and offer to buy out the collection and use those funds to restore one the owner keeps (Hollywood throwing in some funds to assist if necessary).

    2. James Nasto its called hoarding lol it happens what a shame though some have over 50 projects that there gonna finish lol

  3. American pickers came to vermont and got laughed out of state seeing how they insisted on planting items and setting prices.they won’t be back.

    1. Hillary tried the same thing and got laughed out of the Presidency. .Trump spanked her bottom ..Trump 2020 M.A.G.A

    2. @ZWILD1 you mean Mike left the quad cities I thought he had a great big old spread somewhere outside of Davenport??
      I didn’t know he completely relocated to crashville

  4. In a way I’m kind of glad it took me so long to find this excellent program, now I get to binge watch it in the barn while my wife thinks I’m working!

    1. Be ready for the heartbreak when you catch up though my man. I used to live a life like you. Now I have to wait weekly. 😥

  5. about an hour west on I-80, south side of the inter- state you would have come across a farm with dozens you can see fro I-80

  6. I would like to have any one of those Pontiacs, to do justice too. Makes me sad to watch these knowing that none of them will likely be road worthy and enjoyed.

    1. @Hagerty never say never…..cause you still haven’t given Tom’s video crew a lighted camera? come on spend some money for a decent light for the camera and not this stupid cell phone light we’ve seen time and time again. hagerty, shell, quaker state and still no budget for a camera light? you might be going the pay route sooner than we think…..well maybe when you reach 1 million subscribers a light will be provided. oh well

    2. ill buy merchs, do donations and all sorts of things like that but i hate pay to watch. its just against the nature of youtube

    3. i agree you tube made roadkill then they take and go to pay to watch me. lol love them guys but not going to pay them to have fun. i think there just going to fade away unless they come back to there fans on you tube.

    4. @Hagerty If you are in Iowa again I know of 3 shops full of old cars such as 60s camaros, chevy2s , many chevelles and even a grand national. If interested message me.

  7. awesome journalism tom.another grass-roots working man (night-shift ) with a life-time collection of lovely relics of post-war production.lovely

    1. I had ’66 Riv; then ’68 Electra 225 (my garaje measured 228 in deep–that’s when I learned what 225 stands for) preferred the Electra for 4X the trunk space

    1. @030227 75466 I have a project to restore a 2001 PC. for now I still only have the case… still need to buy the power supply, motherboard, processor, memories, HD, drivers CD and DVD players, video card … one day gets done.

    2. Many will get restored only after their current owners pass away, and the cars are sold piecemeal to guys who are full of enthusiasm about getting a project car.

  8. I lost count several years ago, of how many old guys had cool old cars, that they were “going to restore”. The last one was an 80 year old guy in Mechanicsville, VA that had a 36 Ford 2 door with a slant back roof line. All original, complete in every way. Frosted glass, fine surface rust everywhere, but oh so doable. I offered $10k, and he insisted he was going to “restore it one day”. He’s gone now, and the car was in fact sold off along with several others, it was never touched. Moral of my story, Why do these guys go on living in this fantasy world?

    1. @TLR- NUT *”would’ve”, not “would of”. “Would of” does not make any sense at all. Its “would’ve”. Shortened form of “would have”.
      Learn your own language, man.
      Greetings from Germany.

    2. @TLR- NUT I could have offered him 50, he simply wasn’t selling. No bum hurt here. Plenty more fish in the ocean, right?

    3. Typical thing for people. Sadly a lot of them can’t let go, and their widows are saddled with getting rid of them.

    1. @Bonzi Buddy It’ll be okay, point to where the Internet hurt you. Don’t be lazy and go out and get the vintage car you want.

  9. Another fine example of some guys that will never do anything, but sit on their cars………what a waste. Their families will sell them when the pass away—– as fast as rats off of a sinking ship.

    1. William Cavanaugh he should get connections in the funeral business. A craigslist Porsche 928 I looked it was sniped from an estate for $2000 or so. It was a manual 1978 in silver with black leather.

      I also saw a 2000 Cadillac SLS, fine condition 40k miles at an estate sale for 1500-2000. It was a millionaire estate, they didn’t care what they got for it. Most people were there to buy art.

  10. Polite, unpretentious, considerate and attentive. That’s it, I’ve found why I very much like Tom Cotter’s approach to (chasing) classic cars.

  11. Another hoarder!…..” Intended to restore it since 1963″….54 years of ” good intentions ” rotting away in his front yard, thrilling his neighbors by making their homes salesproof.

    1. U.N. Owen you are so rite they sit and rot away instead of selling to someone who can restore it and drive it ro just get it running and on the road to enjoy.goid intentions but and same to let them rot away so sad i live in Rhode island and there’s alot of people like this and let them turn to total shite..

    2. If someone work’s hard & get the car’s or trucks . It’s know body’s Damn business what they do with them. I have every Chevrolet truck from 1960 to 1966. Short beds & long beds. 1/2 tons & 3/4 & 1 tons. I’ve worked hard all my life. And I’ve got them all honest. And it’s nobody’s Damn business what i do with them. Even if they RUST away.

  12. It’s quite simple why Tom can find these cars so close to the “ Pickers “ and they can’t. It’s just because he’s a genuine nice guy.

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