Porting cylinder heads to optimize engine performance | Hagerty DIY

Engines need air (as well as gas and stimulate). Relocating air effectively via the burning chamber has a big impact on power as well as porting your heads is one the very best ways to accomplish that. Hagerty's Davin Reckow walks you via the ins and outs of how to port your heads at house with some rather standard tools. Is it a little bit scary? Sure. Can you screw up your heads pretty negative? Definitely. Yet with Davin's direction and a long time and perseverance, you can squeeze a few extra HP out of your engine.

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30 Replies to “Porting cylinder heads to optimize engine performance | Hagerty DIY”

  1. I have ported several sets of heads over the years. Definitely is an art that takes patience. And well worth doing.

  2. A good tip when porting heads is to occasionally dip the burr in Johnson’s Paste Wax. It helps keep them from clogging up with material especially aluminum.

  3. Invest in an American made die grinder. Henry & Dotco are some of the best. Thousands of hours of work in these!

  4. What’s fun if you have access to a bench flow tester is what the numbers are before and after deburring the ports and if you want to know the percentage difference polishing effects the flow also you can check it.

    1. You are correct VetteKid, and realistically without doing that you are just guessing what improvements you have made/ causing each cylinder to have different amounts of flow rate

  5. Great mini-tutorial for folks that have heard talk about porting and polishing the heads but only had a vague idea of what it really meant. Thanks again for the high quality content!

    1. If I could offer some advise, start with a sanding wheel and once you’re comfortable with it, then use a carbide burr. The carbide gets away from you so fast, you can make a mess before you know it. Sanding wheels are very forgivable.

  6. I would love to hang out, chat, help and learn from you, ….This is a great show.😁👍
    So tired of this COVID Crap and want something to go do before I drive my wife and kids nuts!😳😬😨😱

    1. But make sure you wear a mask when you’re porting heads, I’ve done alot of it & rust isn’t great for a person’s lungs.

  7. 1960’s and 70’s heads have huge amounts of casting material left over inside the heads , by the 90’s they got better.

  8. So as with most things, it’s a matter of time and money. Two sides of the same coin. And you get what you pay for. Good vid. 👍🏻😉

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