Preparing our Cadillac 365 for the machine shop | Redline Update #72

Grease and gunk is a staple of the Redline Rebuild garage, but today is everything about tidying up. Not the store, yet the Cadillac 365 V-8 that Davin took down recently. This strong iron block is shaping up to be Davin's major job for the coming weeks and that indicates it is time to discharge up the components washing machine.

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38 Replies to “Preparing our Cadillac 365 for the machine shop | Redline Update #72”

    1. John, from what it was when rhwy salvaged it, that ild firl is beautiful. I would leave it as is and keep using it as they do.

  1. Thanks goodness it doesn’t need to be sleeved. I can’t take another video of the goons at Thirlby abusing another block.

  2. “Get in your garage and get your work done.” It’s -33C here with -45 windchill. Think I’ll wait until Spring… 🥶💨❄️

    1. Its cold everywhere. Here in Mo we are getting -6°F air temp -15/20° wind chill for first time in half a decade.

    2. Upstate NY and it’s back into the cold of single digits or teens overnight and maybe freezing 32 if you’re lucky during the day.
      We’ve got a heated shop area but the main part isn’t heated.
      It’s right at 32f out there and tolerable for a few hours.
      For some reason I leave a bottle of water on the bench out there and it’s never froze, I really dont understand that and it’s been 26 in there before.
      I been concentrating on things I can bring into the heated area to keep me busy and when we get warm spells I’m back out there.
      The wife thinks I won’t get it done ever, so I can’t fail!
      I definitely wanna be able to say I told ya so🤣

  3. If I remember correctly, these old Caddy engines were selective assembled, with several incremental sizes for pistons in both std. and oversize. I assume you are not going to worry about those details as any parts you can get will be welcome.

  4. I dig the content and the production quality. Informative, educational, and entertaining. Thanks for making these videos. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  5. The amount of work waiting at the machine shop speaks novels! Wish I lived close, I would be using them

  6. That old Stovebolt sounds as good as the floor in the bed looks, both remind me of my Dads 53 & 54 Chevy PU’s 👍❤️

  7. Timeless beauty of this old iron, Davin’s gentile southern charm and effortless expertise, skilful photography and crisp editing…
    Y’all are really getting to new highs of quality entertainment which actually treats viewers like intelligent humans.
    Thanks for the inspiration and keep on trucking!

  8. It’s great to see you working when I literally can’t (herniated disk), but man I hate to see the parts sloshing around in the bed of your truck

  9. I appreciate Davin’s optimism, but as I look out of my window, I’m getting approx. 2-3″ of snow w/a single digit windchill. So I’ll just wait for the next update on the 365.

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