Pulling the Healey carpet | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 25

Kyle draws the carpeting out of his Austin Healey Sprite and also discovers more than he was bargaining for.

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23 Replies to “Pulling the Healey carpet | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 25”

  1. If you enjoy driving it, fix the floors. Otherwise, it’s eventually not going to be safely drivable, it will be junk, and all your work will be wasted.

  2. Repair the floor. It isn’t hard to weld in some new metal. If you aren’t comfortable doing it, ask some of your car friends. It could be a good learning experience .

  3. I should be getting a MG Midget early in 2021 , it has no engine or gearbox, a friend had ‘restored’ it about 10 years ago and put a 1500 Toyota engine and transmission(yes ,automatic) in a British sportscar, the fenders had been flared at that time to put some 15 by 8 chrome wire wheels on it, theyre still on it and i think i’ll build sub frame connecter to weld the two subframes together and to the floor thus making it a full chassis, now the choice of engine, i have two engines that i can put in it, one is a 1500cc British spec Triumph Spitfire engine and gearbox, good for 75 hp, the second option is my modified 2500cc Triumph Straight 6 complete with overdrive gearbox , about 140 bhp and loads of torque,i’d have to cut out the battery box and put the battery in the trunk to get space for the length of the engine and also new stronger front springs and a conversion for some dual acting Koni shocks that i also have, will let you know what happens, P.S. get that floor cut out and properly restored as doing it any other way is inviting some very serious problems.

  4. Replace the floor. It doesn’t matter how rough the car is generally. Any time you uncover something that seriously needs fixing, you should fix it. You’ll feel A LOT better about it. We’re all saying it. Listen to us. Look at it another way. Why are you doing these videos? Is it for you or for us? Well, we want to see you do the right thing every time. Fix the floor. Look at it a third way. Are you trying to teach us that some cars are not worth the bother of doing the right thing? Fix the floor.

  5. I want to add I have been a Hagerty customer for many years and have owned and worked on MGB’s for over 40 years. I believe those of us who use Hagerty’s services do so because of the commitment Hagerty makes to doing the job right. I am appalled at your attitude towards rationalizing not making the correct repairs to your vehicle and have to wonder why Hagerty would continue to allow you to post up YouTube videos with what you are representing. Those of us who restore and drive classic automobiles do so because we want to see these cars on the road, looking good, and being safe to drive. I sincerely hope you reconsider your decision and do the right thing.

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