Putting the engine back in our 1950 Chevy pickup | Redline Updates

Our Chevrolet 3600 pickup has actually been making constant progression, however despite the fact that it currently boasts a fuel tank and also a brand-new wiring harness, the heavily-patina 'd pick-up stranded on the two-post lift hasn't seen any type of significant adjustments just recently. That's about to alter, though, because Davin finally has adequate small-scale tasks done to tackle something large. Engine-installation big.

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32 Replies to “Putting the engine back in our 1950 Chevy pickup | Redline Updates”

  1. Thanks for sharing Davin👍
    Yes we remember this engine “Shizzle Sticks”😉
    Stay safe Bro❤

    1. This is the engine with the head made out of eggshells. The “Shizzle Sticks” engine is the Olds straight 8

    2. Hahaha the “Shizzle Sticks” was the far too gone beyond repair Buick Naihead heads

  2. OK, now what are you going to do now that you plugged up your access hole in the floor with the trany. LOL. Keep on smiling.

    1. There’s nothing with dropping in an LS. It’s all about personal preference, condition if the motor etc.

    2. @Tim Towers yeah i literally pulled mine out of a ditch. it had been a dog house for twenty years no motor no trans and i had a LS ready to go sitting in the garage

    3. shawn cline yup same here. I mated it to a original 319 trans to keep the column shift but gained overdrive. Im 100% positive mine will get more trouble free miles than any stock engine would and gets better MPG’s too. If I keep the hood closed nobody would even take a 2nd glance including the “purists”.

  3. Rusty or not, the level of dedication and attention to detail is above and beyond…what i have come to expect from Hagerty quality work. Thanks for continuing to post more content! Keep up the good work!

  4. So glad to see you put the six back in. Many want to put a big block eight on old cars and trucks. I think the old ones deserve to have what came in them.

  5. Davin’s moto of “get out there, get your work done, so you can go work on your ride,” makes for an awesome outro. But, I also find it to be a great motivating phrase.
    I watch the videos and think man I really wanna go work on my truck. But yes I need to go finish my homework first, so I can get a degree and work on awesome cars like that someday.

    1. Same, I’ve only got one final left but I’m also having a hard time finding a job so I can finance my projects this summer, I’ll find a way though!

  6. DAVIN!
    I’m right there along with you folks in spirit – this is the FUN part of putting one back together, where you
    can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂
    By the way, whoever picks the background music for your show is doing a stellar job!
    Looking forward to the next one. Y’all be careful over there.
    -Ed on the Ridge

  7. C’mon man. Sand blast cabinet is right there. 45 minutes and a can of chassis black for that heater and it wouldn’t have to suffer paint envy compared to that stovebolt six.

    Seriously. thanks for all the great videos!

  8. Hi Davin, yours is the best channel on YouTube always fun to watch. No bleeping or bloopin just great car stuff…thanks..Frank

    1. Yeah he makes it look easy. I’m sure it isn’t but his video’s are frustration free and always interesting

  9. Gavin and Hagerty crew. Nice job as always. Love the videos, to the point and getting work done.

    A lot of youtuber vids are 28 mins of talking about what they are going to do and 2 mins of work with music.

  10. ENGINE DAY!!! Awesome Davin!!! Love the Chevrolet badge still being on the heater box!! God you have a great job!!

  11. love the inline 6`s, i have a chevy 250 (mercruiser 165) 165hp in my boat. with a lump head, cam and raised compression, awesome smooth engines.

  12. Great progress. Looking forward to hearing it run….again. At this time, there are 6 dislikes on this video. WTF dislikes this? Why bother watching?

  13. Age 15, the 1st engine I ever built was a 53′ Chevy 6 cyl. Fun with Dad…RIP. Newk from Kentucky

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