Q&A! Davin answers some of your questions | Redline Update

On recently's Redline Update, Davin introduced the brand-new Redline Garage room as well as invited you to comment your concerns and also pressing interests regarding the how and why of our new work area. The remarks poured in, and also Davin learnt and pulled one of the most prominent responses and addressed them in this week's video.

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31 Replies to “Q&A! Davin answers some of your questions | Redline Update”

  1. Hard to believe that motorcycle was in a dumpster! Pretty sure that’s a T500 – so an old 2-stroke. Not rare but not that common either. 1975? Could be an awesome little cafe racer.

    1. That little bike is perfect transportation during the work day when the weather is nice and you don’t have to haul cargo. I hope you get it back on the road!

    2. Yep, Suzuki 2 strokes were something else. Happy high revs bikes. Had one after 2 Honda 4 strokes. Ways different rider.

  2. Love the shop, love the projects, really love the attitude! Truck rim colour? Well, probably anything suits the old truck image…leave them alone, maybe body colour, maybe black?

  3. That’s a beautiful old Atlas. Back in 1985 I worked at a Mobil gas station in Tempe, AZ and we had one of these. I used it on a 73 440 Charger I was unknowingly restoring at the time (unknowingly because I didn’t know what I was doing was called “restoration.” Even snuck her in and sprayed the car metallic blue in the repair bay one night!) The Atlas was pretty amazing tech at that time. I was excited to see that sitting on the pallet during your last shop tour.

    1. Agreed…I don’t think there’s another color you could paint those wheels that would complement the truck any better than the white does, so just leave ’em as-is. You have plenty of other things to work on anyway. 🙂

    1. Tom Raider I 2nd that! Ford 8 lug wheels fit perfect out back and with a 1/4” spacer in the front they clear the tie rods. I few hub cap clips and some rivets and stock hubcaps pop right on for that correct old school look. I wouldn’t restore the truck. I have same truck but gmc and its way better without shiney paint and always being nervous of a scratch.

  4. I really like your Chevrolet truck. I think you did a great job on it, and like you said it works. I’d drive it!

  5. I love the truck as is. You are fixing it as is to be used. I got it when you started.
    Plus the patina is amazing!
    The shop is awesome, a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless.

    I think you can get steel wheels made for it to match the truck better. I just dont remember the name of the company who does it.

  6. Thanks Davin. You did fine on the truck. You do what YOU want to do on the truck. I agree. Leave it the way she is. Looks great!

  7. The white wheels kinda grow on you. If I were painting them, I’d go with a tan. But they’re ok as is. Probably would be a good idea to install some lap belts, cause, you know, “safety first “.

  8. I love the way you work and answer questions. You’re professional and aren’t afraid to say I don’t know. I like barn find hunter, so I naturally started watching you too. Keep it up!

  9. When you get done with your shop can you do a Q &A. I have been trying to get ahold of you for the past 4 or 5 month’s. In my mind eye you are working 2or3
    Jobs and inspiring people to get more out of the engine more power less ware that 30,50 and 90 %
    On top of your 100%. Keep
    Tony Lavinder

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