Rags to riches: Tom restores a Country Sedan he found in a junkyard | Ep. 60 (Part 1/4)

If Tom Cross had not created a canister of rubbing compound as well as a shop rag 18 months ago, this episode would not exist. In this episode of "Barn Find Hunter," Tom Wedge gets to perform his youth dream by restoring a desert junkyard vehicle. Adhere to along as Tom strolls you with the repair process of a 1962 Ford Country Car he located in episode 34.

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48 Replies to “Rags to riches: Tom restores a Country Sedan he found in a junkyard | Ep. 60 (Part 1/4)”

  1. What a guy…. Tom, you rock! Making this happen is truely a great story of kindness and generosity. Someone lends you their shop helps with parts, Dang what more could you ask for!

  2. This looks like the best series yet. Wonderful story line, thrilled for the college. The sponsors deserve their promos.

    1. Totally agree: There should be more shows where lost cars of the junkjards are just brought back to life. Turning already good driving original classics into tuning monsters is the boring reality of today

    1. There was a ’57 Studebaker wagon for sale around here last year, all original. Those things look crazy, the way the fenders come out so far past the tailgate.

    2. I drive a newish, import wagon, but I have ALWAYS liked wagons. We didn’t have need for them, but our neighbors had big families and going along w/ them in their 70s wagons (well into the 80s) was thrilling. I don’t know why, but my eye is drawn to them so much that I am sure I have some sort of “condition”. I know that it might be true because I tend to see ugly or beat wagons as better than I’m sure they are – and I don’t care. I’m just glad I found a support group, and I’m glad that Tom has been pretty unabashed about showing them.


  3. Simply amazing. You saw something in that car. Went back to it. You and everyone else ressurected that car. Excellent job performed by the staff.

  4. Last month I bought a 1965 Dodge D-100 pickup. Mostly complete but doesn’t run. I plan to fix it up and keep it mostly original.

  5. Very Kool. She’s a Bee-A-U-Tee. Used to hang with a buddy who had a 63 4 door Galaxie when we were teens. Very nice.

  6. I had a ‘61 Galaxie 4-door sedan that I pulled out of a guy’s side yard for $200 when I was 17, sold it 6 months later for $1,000 and thought I made a killing. I’m only 20 now and I deeply regret selling it. this wagon is built exactly how I wanted my car. Such a cool vibe with the Mexican blankets and rusty roof on black steelies. Great minds think alike. Great video as always Tom!!

    1. Two thumbs, way up! I love this story. Get a car, put what you can in it, and get it on the road. I have 2 driveable works-in-progress. I take them out every summer – people love them. If I can do it anyone can. Cheers!

    2. 3:30 20 second restoration, which part of you blurred out. I want to see the work, not the result 😢

  7. in a day where my little kids come home from school saying ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ — this project says it all.

    1. Joe George Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…..

      What better way to teach those principles to the kids than to save a piece of 🇺🇸’s automotive history from a horrible fate!

  8. Ok everyone Tom Cross here I made a terrible mistake when talking to Tom Cotter about the sponsors on the wagon project, the disk brakes were donated by the WEST TEXAS CRUISERS A great club that does tremendous work charity for local kids.SORRY guys that was a kind of a rough morning for me seeing that car leaving.

    1. Ah ok i was looking for chevy’s i didnt notice they were all fords. Im looking for 2 impala sedans to build for me and my father

    2. Tom where are you located in Midland? I’m from Ohio but will be in your area in about a month or so for work and I am an avid Ford guy and I’m looking for a new project. I would like to stop by and see what you have.

  9. No pre 85 car should ever be crushed all those parts. Things will be VERY different before too long. I dont want an electric car with a pretend sound thanks

    1. My wife’s new vehicle is more computer than combustion engine. I like being able to work on and fix my old trucks without it’s exact GPS location being broadcast to who knows who. Not too many bells and that’s the way I like it.

    2. I’ve parted out a few and, admittedly felt a little guilty when I sent the shell away, but when a car isn’t desirable, is a rust bucket and either has no engine or the engine is stuck, there’s not much reason to keep it around. But at least get all the useable bits off it first!

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