Rare GM Muscle Cars stashed in Old Furniture Factory Basement!

The majority of these vehicles have actually been sitting for over 15 years, most of it in this old furnishings factory basement. Luckily given that they worked with wood, the area had to be really temperature level regulated, so there is little wetness and humidity.

There was two Hurst/Olds down there, a number of Pontiac GTOs as well as a few 442 Cutlasses. Convertibles and also everything. The 1957 Pontiac in the corner as well as the Cadillacs were not owned by Mike the proprietor.

These cars and trucks ARE AVAILABLE, so if you have any kind of concerns, email me at the address listed below.


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    1. @Malik ElcoSS454 sucks to see this…I grew up working on these kinda cars and learning on them and they get hidden away for 20yrs to die and put up for sale where project people can’t purchase them..they will be bought by some corporate company and completely restored with a 100k price tag to only be trailered and gawked at by the elite.
      Sorry to say the soul of these cars will be gone and this generation will only know of Ford focas’s and other useless cars.

    1. @chief tp
      I knew a dude who called a certain piece of equipment a backhole, and he also said picksburg for the steel city.

  1. I like when they keep classic cars all in one spot. Bad idea. If that location is ever damaged huge loss of cars.

    1. Absolutely. But that’s why a furniture factory is great, temperature controlled and fire-proof.

    1. @midnitesquirldog1 yeah the president is making the USA into a third world banana republic, so we will have to keep old cars running like Cuba did. In between the race riots! Let’s get the National Guard shooting people again! MAGA!

    2. @Handsome Jonny You must be a liberal communist yeah lets just let everyone come into America so we work 3 jobs to support some welfare case scumbag that hates our country and laughs that your working hard to take care of a family you don’t even know, Old cars are around because of the fact you can hold onto them forever they look great and hold value the value goes sky high on older cars while newer cars value rop about $10,000 as soon as you pull off that lot so yeah older cars are an investment look at how many car shows all across the USA and even the world, it’s called a fun time bonding with people and showing off your cool car! 😊

    3. @Joseph Iacovelli x2!! Neighbor..older guy when I was growing up in the 70s had a handful of them. Plain jane, took the emblems off and drove them every day. The torque they made was outstanding…always been a Chevy guy but the 455 would destroy most 454s.

    4. @dubc60 Well said. Most old cars smoked like a chimney by 80k if they didnt keep the carb in perfect tune. COuld a 350 go 200k sure but better keep up on it!

    1. Auto Archaeology which one u bought🤔I’m sure u bought one man don’t do this to me man oh man oh man so clean man the cars 😨🏌😁😨✌✌✌

    1. Maybe you should get your ears checked. I had no problem hearing the guy. (I have a volume button, it worked pretty well).

    1. Thank you, someone else agrees with me. Would have been a much better video if he steadied the camera better and didn’t have the music in the back ground.

  2. Here’s a lowdown on the video for people who can’t read proper English, or listen CORRECTLY!! For all you people who insist on bashing the guy talking in the video ( Mike P) He doesn’t own ANY of these cars. His FATHER owns them, and professionally RESTORES them for a living. They restore 1-2 cars at a time. These cars are WAITING to be restored. He HELPED his father locate the cars, and went WITH him to buy them. He is HELPING his father SELL them as is, because his father is taking his business in a different direction. If anyone is interested in BUYING one, email the video producer, who will kindly get you in touch with Mike P, and you can make him an offer. They are ALL FOR SALE!!! I love all the jealous idiots commenting on these cars being non matching numbers cars, and now are considered junk, SMH!!! As far as numbers matching cars are concerned, how many pro street 69 Camaro’s are out there? Hell just look on YouTube!!! A car doesn’t have to be a numbers matching car to be fixed up and enjoyed. Crate motors from the factory, or an LS swap aren’t that expensive. Most of these cars aren’t rust buckets needing every body panel replaced. They are solid foundations for you to do with whatever you want to when YOU BUY IT!!! Give the man a break!!!

    1. Collectors who want to make $$$ off the car down the line will care about numbers matching. Those who just want to fix the car up and enjoy it and have no intention of selling it not so much. I’d love to have some of these cars!!

    2. Probably ALL of the HATERS on here wouldn’t finish ONE of these cars if you GAVE IT TO THEM …. they’re all just your typical clowns that are only good at one thing …. crying … OH YEAH … and complaining …. lol.

  3. Ive had two 1970 GTOs. Totalled my first one, sold the 2nd for the down payment on my first home. And to this day, sexiest car ever!!!

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