Redline meets Barn Find Hunter for our next rebuild | Redline Update

Our Chevrolet 3600 pickup is just about done, however Davin is not one to clean his devices and also sit on his hands for any type of amount of time. So we're jumping on to the following project, and also you've probably already seen it on our network before. Tom Wedge located a terrific stock of cars including this racer on episode 44 of Barn Discover Hunter, yet this auto adhered to everyone associated with such a manner in which is needed to pick up. So Davin is resuscitating this late-30s Ford short track racer that was stashed away on the building of Snowball Bishop.

Barn Find Seeker Episode 44:

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BARN FIND HUNTER: Tom Wedge actually created guide( s) on barn discovers, beginning with The Cobra in the Barn. Tom travels North America in his 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon, looking for forgotten classics in barns, backyards, dirty garages, and also scrapyards and also fulfills the remarkable personalities that open the barn doors for him as well as inform him their tales.

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22 Replies to “Redline meets Barn Find Hunter for our next rebuild | Redline Update”

  1. I haven’t started the vid yet but I think I recognize the car in the thumbnail from one of toms episodes if it’s what I think that’s incredible

  2. What a great back story on this upcoming Redline Rebuild. This one will be like all the others – a total hoot and absolute fun to watch.

  3. So that was fall 2019 and things have been kicking around Tom has sold the 427 wagon since this was shot so it will be exciting to see where this project is.

  4. Hey Tom there’s still lots of barn finds to discover just slide on thru the Midwest especially in Illinois just saying Hi from Chicago

    1. Public and private Illinois junkyards are slowly disappearing thanks to EPA regulations. I know of over half a dozen central Illinois junkyards that used to be my favorite parts-hunting yards that have disappeared over the last decade or so. All because the EPA suddenly decides that the cars are bad for the environment after sitting there for over 50+ years not hurting a thing.. Some of my favorite yards still had Model A and Model T Fords sitting in them. That’s how long they had been there. They’ve all went to the crusher.

  5. TOM & DAVIN!
    Holy cow, it’s BOTH my favorite programs from Hagerty right here together!
    DUDES, that’s like crossing the streams in “Ghostbusters” – you never cross the streams!
    Too much awesome in one space will warp time and space or something or other….
    and to beat all, you guys were just a couple hours up the valley from us. Too much!
    That’s an awful lot to keep secret from us for all this time.
    THANK YOU guys for doing what you do and sharing it with us.
    It just made my day, seriously. SO looking forward to the build!
    All good vibes to the Snowball clan as well, just great stuff there too. Much respect!
    Y’all be safe out there,
    -Ed on the Ridge

  6. My Dad’s been gone 20+ years, but I like that this build will bring a wall to wall smile to the old man’s face when he see’s it and hears it run. Dang good Idea guys- and I really mean that!
    We are fast running out of these guys from his generation- I hope he gets to see it.

  7. Tom’s ford sold for around $134,000 I can’t believe it. When I saw the price was currently bid @ $17K I thought I had a chance. LOL

  8. It was amazing to watch how Snowball literally “came alive” in this video. When the vid started, he seemed to have one foot already in the grave. As the show progressed, and he talked about the history of the car, he was almost leaping out of the chair with enthusiasm! It was so great to see his transformation! You guys are not only restoring an old race car, you’re regenerating an old man! I can’t wait to watch this series!

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