Repairing The Fonz’s vintage Triumph motorcycle – Will it run?

Arthur Fonzarellie, aka "Fonzie," aka "The Fonz," exemplified the essence of cool in the timeless sitcom "Happy Days." Wearing a leather coat, white tee shirt, and also denims, Fonzie was typically seen on his Triumph motorbike. As luck would have it, we discovered stated motorbike and were allowed by its owner to do a little wrenching on it. It'll take greater than a Fonzie clenched fist bump to obtain the bike running once again yet Davin reaches function and, by the time it's all said and also done, ends up fulfilling a childhood years dream of riding Fonzie's motorbike. Aaaaayyyyyy !!!

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52 Replies to “Repairing The Fonz’s vintage Triumph motorcycle – Will it run?”

    1. Get one from Triumph modern classics lineup. Bonneville looks just as good, but none of the problems with these older models.

    2. Not that I don’t want one for third bike (one needs atleast : daily, dirtbike and project bike), but of course right amount of bikes is n + 1 :).

    1. @b t Winkler admits that he never rode it or any of the other motorcycles throughout the ten years that Happy Days was on the air.

    2. Guys, The Fonz isn’t Dead!!! He’s coaching the SCLSU Mud Dogs down in Luse’Anna. Boucher has graduated, but they still beat their Rival, now that Coach Red Beaulieu has sadly passed away. Boucher is still on the Sidelines as the Top-Paid water boy in the NCAA. He Lectures Hydrology as an Adjunct Professor & Sells his h2o Molecular Compounds to Smartwater, because Gatorade Sucks…H two Ohhh !!!

  1. Makes me want to get back after my ’61 Bonneville T120, my grandpa bought it new. It’s a stalled restoration project.

    1. @dave bolls he had a BSA before the Triumph when he graduated high school he took off with 2 friends from Iowa and they rode all the way into South America. The Triumph made a couple trips from Iowa to California.

    2. I’m a grandpa with a bought-new ’67 TR6C Triumph – and it is another stalled restoration. Make a deal with you – let’s get ’em done.

  2. When I was a young buck in the 70’s my buddy and I decided to write “aaayyy the fonz” on the downstairs walls of his house with permanent marker. We got spanked and had to help paint the walls. Those were happy daze fo sho

    1. @Bill Burns ….Umm, no, the shark jumping had nothing to do with the motorcycle. Fonzie accepted a challenge to water ski jump over some penned up sharks and he did it.

      This was a nonsense stretch of the Happy Days storyline and showed the series was at its end.

  3. What an Incredible slush with the Tools! Besides your mastery: my old chief of Shop once said: ” Lord, protect us from Rain and Wind..and Engines of the british kin”… 😀

  4. According to Henry Winkler, he never learned to ride a motorcycle. He tried to learn for the role of Fonzie but they really need footage of Fonzie actually riding a motorcycle for the opening montage. When you see him riding down the street, the crew actually got him going and the camera captured it but he ended up crashing the bike because he didn’t know how to stop it. I wonder if that flaked-off silver tank paint has something to do with the crash. According to Winkler, that was the last time he ever rode a motorcycle.

  5. I’ve owned several different bikes but at heart I’m a Triumph guy. Loved my old Bonnevilles. Had a buddy that owned a Trident and i rode it a lot.

  6. that was one of the first things I was taught during my apprenticeship
    an engine needs compression, spark and fuel, go find which ones missing

    1. Yeah…now you got to make sure EVERYTHING is receiving the proper PWM singal when you turn the key or the car give a big F U and refuses to start.

      Seriously, we had a f150 come into our shop that refused to start because of the bluetooth power module….like….why? If it dont work let the truck start and give an error message, but no, they have to leave a man stranded because the radio is having a trantrum. And even then guess what the fix was….unplug it, plug it back in. Oh yeah dear customer dont worry about labor….its only like $200 cause we had to pll half the dash out to get to the jesless thing.

      Thank you for business!

  7. Seeing the bike in pieces reminds me of the episode when The Fonz lost his vision and as a joke, the guys took his bike apart piece by piece and put it up in his little apartment in boxes… And even without his sight, he put the entire bike back together by feeling the pieces. Great show.

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